Monday, January 15, 2007

10 months old Arianna

Pity her as she is down with a fever, cough and stomach discomfort. Vomitted a few times in the past 3 days. Well Opah said that this is "demam membeli"... "beli" apa? "Beli nak berjalan/bercakap". Whatever it is, Ayah and Ibu didnt get to do anything that weekend to look after Arianna.. except visiting Tok's stall at Plaza Mont Kiara Flea Market. But we brought her along. It seems that everbody were having fun there. Tok and Tok Njang with their waystick business, Ibu with her kek lapis, brownies and pendant shopping, Arianna with the dogs and Ayah with the Asam Laksa. I guess we'll be going there again next week as Tok is continuing his booth's rental for another 2 weekends. I hope Arianna is not sick that time...

p/s: English lesson: In composing an article, what is 1st person view? 2nd person? or is there even a 3rd person view? I get confused when it comes to this "person view" thingy.. even in games they have this terms!

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Farul said...

I wonder why I bothered replying. Well anyway, guess which is which.

1) You crept into the darkened room, which was barely lit by single unwavering fire of a candle. You traced a desk, apparently once used as the study table by the late
Johnsman. On top of it, is a book.

If you want to examine the book, turn to page 3920. To further investigate the room, hit page 11.

2) It was my thirteenth year, on a cold winters' day as I walked into the enchanted forest. I heard the sound of armies and man-at-arms. I felt compelled to walk on and find the place of these sounds.

3) Rumet sucks, big time.

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