Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye VMY 2007 and Welcome Visit Indonesia Year 2008

So how was my 2007?

- Not to spend money on new gadgets, spend more time appreciating what I have in hand.
- Be a healthier person. Take care of my liver, cholesterol level and etc.

- I didn't buy new gadgets at all this year. Except for the PC which I am using now. I spent more time with the family, I think I managed to watch 1-2 Wifeys' movies this year.
- My health? I think I'm doing fine. Well the only medical check-up that I went for is the one for my onboarding to my new job. I'm working there now... so I think I'm healthy enough. Body weight? Hmm... I'll work on that next year lah.

Other achievements:
- Managed to shift to a better paying job.

The thing that I realized not until recently is how much we've travelled in 2007. Lets list them out:

1) Cameron Highlands 18022007
2) Kuantan 30032007
3) Kuala Terengganu & Kota Bharu 28042007
4) Awana Kijal 15062007
5) Port Dickson 28072007
6) Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang 23082007
7) Bandung 06092007
8) Hari Raya Trip back to Alor Star and Penang 14102007
9) Singapore 09122007
10) Penang 28122007

And this is only mentioning the trips that we went together (Wifey, Arianna and I). So basically at the age of 1 plus, Arianna has conquered 2 of the highest mountains in Malaysia, covered all the states in the East Coast (she even went to Kuantan twice), went to 2 overseas country and 2 islands. Not bad at all ... considering that she'll not remember a thing about all these trips in the future. And Wifey and I will have to go through all the trips all over again. Haha.

Holiday goals for 2008:
- Umrah
- At least 1 oversea trip covered by Air Asia.. haha
- Others will come naturally as the year goes by

Personal goal for 2008:
- To buy a gadget! A GPS unit. doesnt matter whether its a standalone unit, a PDA phone unit or a ICE unit.
- Better body weight + health. Do two full medical checkups!
- Love my wife and daughter more and much much more!

Enjoy your new year guys and gals!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Arianna's New Toy

Wanted to get this for her long time ago (since I joined the new job). Managed to get it for her yesterday at Babyland SS2. Costs RM169 - 10%.

Its a value for money buy. Now Arianna only wanna eat in the tricycle.

The tough part is to get her stop playing with it. Everytime we say, "Dah la eh.. kite rest dulu", she say something like, "Belum lagi... tak mahuuu" and last but not least," Ayah tolakkk".


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Sale in Singapore!

Yeah I managed to drive to another country! Took annual leave on Sunday (sounds crazy huh?), finished work at 7am that Sunday morning (it cant be any crazier than this) and off we (Wifey,Arianna and I) go to Singapore. We reached Pan Pacific Singapore at around 7.30pm. I wont go into much detail on the process of getting into the country where you cant buy or sell chewing gum (but you can chew them), any of you wanna go and need help on the procedures, just give me a call/sms/e-mail/video call etc etc.

So the first night there was spent at Mustafa Center. Something like Mydin in Malaysia.

Great thing about Singapore is that they try to connect all the nearby buildings together. For example for every 3-4 buildings, they'll have a MRT station. So Pan Pacific Hotel is connected to Marina Square which is connected to Suntec Convention Center which is connected to Raffles City which is connected to the City Hall MRT station. So on Monday we went window shopping at Marina Square and half of Suntec. At night we tried to stroll around Raffles City but most of the shops closed early (by 9pm). Since we are already at the MRT station, we went for dinner at Lao Pa Sat. Basically one stop away from City Hall. There's a food court there.

Food wise, we didnt managed to try all the special delicacies of Singapore such as Murtabak Singapore and Sup Tulang, but I managed to get some Sugarcane with lemon drink and the Ayam Penyet.

Tuesday - Arianna's day! Well at least we tried our best to make it her day. We went to Singapore Zoo;recognized as mong the best zoo in the world. My original plan is to travel the Travel and Living way by taking the MRT to a station nearby and continue the journey to the zoo by bus. But since the walk to the MRT station alone will take around 20 minutes or so and I do have a premonition that I'll be doing a lot more of "heavyweight power walking" at the zoo, we decided to take the cab there.

The admission fee is SD16.50 per adult. Child less than 3 years old admits free of charge. You can opt for the tram ride (add in SD5.00) but we didnt since we are so fit... apa la sangat 2 km punya track! I jog 5km daily nowadays.

The zoo trip was worth it. Pity Arianna that we woke her up so early in the morning that she slept half way of the zoo trip. But she managed to watch the Elephant show, the only animal that she was looking forward to see... and giraffe, but she's already asleep when we reached the giraffe section.

This guy greeted us when we first enter the zoo. Amazing that they let this animal roaming around the zoo on top of the trees without any cage jailing them.



Kangaroo feeding. SD5.00 additional per family to feed the kangaroo.
I wonder why Wifey insisted for me to put this picture in the blog. What I see is the staff is giving the kangaroo food to them, and Wifey is looking down to I dunno what, and Arianna is looking at I dunno what.

Kesian Arianna

The focal point of this picture the the pair of shoes that Im wearing!

They somehow made the kangaroo mad.

Last but not least.. the baboons!

Conclusion of the Singapore trip, the stuffs are expensive. My Timberland t-shirt costs RM99 in Malaysia is SD129 over there! People say don't convert the currency when you buy, but it doesnt make sense when the price is higher even comparing dollar to dollar right?

If you are earing your paycheck in Singapore Dollars, then the food is cheap. Starbucks coffee costs SD4-5 per cup. The Ayam Penyet (rice, plain soup and 3 pieces of chicken wings) costs SD4.

Well, maybe we are spoilt with the Bandung trip. But for sure we'll go there again. This time we'll set our mind to enjoy the tourist attraction in Singapore. We have Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Island, Eye Of Singapore etc etc.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Arianna's 1st Visit To Hair Saloon

3rd November was a hard day for Wifey. It was the day that we decided to give Arianna a haircut. This is the first time for her since birth. So its a bit of an emotional moment for Wifey as the hair that has grown in her womb is about to be cut off. Luckily Wifey brought her camera to capture the memories of the last day of Arianna's born-with hair.

Actually Wifey had 2nd thoughts when we reached the hair saloon. Haha.. well I have to tell her, one day we'll have to get it over with anyway. Its time for Wifey to move on. The long hair is causing trouble to Arianna, masuk mata, masuk mulut. Wifey even discovered Arianna got split ends (whatever that means!). And lastly Acik Warni, the maid is complaining about it from day to day. The problem with Arianna is she is not keen on having her hair being clipped, banded or tie-ight (whats the past tense for tie? and band for this case)

So enjoy the pictures. Arianna was behaving marvelously. I wonder whether she really got the idea of getting her hair cut or not.


Tengah set rambut... malam ni ada gala dinner

Pose for Ayah

Ibu to make sure that the hairstylist doesnt screw up!

Boleh pulak sepit rambut

The hairdresser pon nak posing jugak!


A bit of alteration needed. Ibu tak puas hati rambut Arianna kene potong senget!

And there you go .. do expect the pictures of Arianna after this post with different hairstyle ok!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pemalas Punya Farul!

Commissioned pictures taken in Semenyih. The project is for Ma&Pa magazine, Hari Raya Aidiladha Edition year 2007.

Make sure you guys buy the magazine during this coming Raya Haji!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How was raya?

it was a tiring one for me..

1st raya spent in Cheras. 2nd raya went back to Alor Star. 3rd raya, we are back in KL. btw we stopped in Penang on our way back to KL.

anyway.... im glad that i brought my dSLR and tripod with me. here are some of the obligatory photos.

Cheras : all the babies were asleep.

Alor Star : Freestyle

Wifey: She's so beautiful kan?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin

I have nothing much to update as for now.. so just enjoy the title lah!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome to the world

Introducing Arianna's latest cousin.... Zafran! Born 16th September 2007. Brother to Qyran. Together they will form the QZ.

Anyhow Arianna still maintain being in the limelight being the only grand daughter in the family.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10 minutes to go

.. for my shift to end. I am damn sleepy. I practically closed some tickets which haven't been resolved yet.

In my imagination after the fasting month is over, I want to go to the gym to do bit of workout after my midnite shift. Haha... what was I thinking!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pictures: Bandung Trip 08092007

Since this is a shppoing trip, there's not many pictures taken. In fact, I didn't bring my dSLR.

First AirAsia flight for Arianna. First oversea trip for Arianna. Damn the seats arrangement is so horrible! For a big hunk like me, gile suffer!

First 2 nights we slept at Karmila Hotel. Its at Jalan Dago. The main shopping street in Bandung. I can summarize that there's about 3 main shopping streets in Bandung. Jalan Dago, Jalan Setiabudhi and ... and tak ingat la lagi satu tu!

At one of the shopping outlet. They call it Factory Outlets.

Telekung shopping at Pasar Baru. We spent almost 3 millions Rupiah there! Me have to go exchange currency right after that! Gila baru 1st day shopping!!!

Lunch at Paris Van Java

Nasi Padang at Jalan Dago. I agree with wwifey saying that nasi padang in Sari Ratu, KL is much better. Here the dishes are quite dissapointing. I guess we have to go to Padang for good nasi pandang. No.. we didn't try their mee or sirap bandung here in Bandung.

The remaining 2 nights were spent at ... dem! lupa plak nama hotel. A bit far from the town. Especially during weekend, the traffic jam was massive!

Factory outlet somemore... Did I mention that we went with Ayil, Esah and Marisa to Bandung? Our next trip together will be Cambodia! Sapa mau join?

Breakfast at the hotel

This time.. a bit more of family photos. Ade org boleh tolong snap

Before departure to Kampung Daun Restaurant

At Kampung Daun Restuarant

Their concept is quite cool, we get to eat in a small hut. The whole hut is for ourselves. The huts were located along the downstream of a waterfall. Cool huh?

More family photos. The food was good!

Next trip. Cambodia!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pictures: Sabah Trip 20070823

This was the 2nd trip to Sabah for Arianna and the countless trip for her parents. This was my last outstation trip with my old company (thanks GSB!) and I took the opportunity to extend my stay and spend leisure days with my family there.

So our "usual" itenerary would be:

1) Sleep at GSB's unofficial panel hotel - Deleeton Hotel for the 1st night
2) Trip to Kundasang
3) Enjoy the remaining days in Sutera Harbour Resort
4) Enjoy good seafood!
5) etc etc

This time we had the opportunity to sleep for a night at Kundasang. This is to witness the Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon 2007 which is sponsored by TM. Yeah.. Wifey travel for free too in this vacation. The only transport expenses is for Arianna's flight ticket. Thanks TM Group! You are far too kind!

So pictures:

Arianna enjoying the Climbathon

Notice the future Sports Marketing Executive of TM?

Having our lunch/tea at Kundasang

Arianna enjoys sleeping at Kundasang. Maybe its due to the weather.

At Sutera Harbour. Arianna and her "wim! wim! wim!"

At Warisan Square

Seafood at Seafood Garden Restaurant. We also went to Gayang Seafood Restuarant.

Trying to capture the sunset

The only family photo. We brought the tripod just for this one shot!

I really enjoyed this trip very much. Sabah will be my most memorable outstation spot. Among the reasons:

1) Its the first flying trip for Arianna.
2) Its the first outstation dating trip for me and wifey (then girlfriend). This is when we decided we love Yoyo so much!
3) It is my first borneo outstation trip and eventually the last. I've visited all the major districts Sabah; KK, Sandakan, Tawau, Kudat and Keningau. And Labuan if I must.
4) I meet interesting people (actually vendors) which become really close, even closer than the vendors in other states in the Peninsular.
5) Last but not least, I declare that the Mini Putrajaya project in Kompleks Gunasama Likas as my biggest/highest achievement during my career with GSB. The project took more than 1 year to complete and it is still being upgraded from time to time. And I will remember the times Ephol, Amir and myself spent together in building the network foundation of the complex. Haha... gila poyo sial!

So when is my next trip to Sabah? i wouldnt know.. near future.. confirm tak! maybe during the 1st flight for Arianna's brother/sister la plak!

p/s: i wonder why i quit my job. now i remember.. i left the Mini Putrajaya with lots of mess. Good luck guys in cleaning up those shits! Haha

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