Tuesday, December 19, 2006

12 Days To Go..

I'm bored.. tired.. lazy .. not in the mood for WORK! I've never felt like this way before so I'm assuming it's the year end phenomena. But the thing is... this is the time of the year that everything is needed urgently. Urgent installations, urgent claims, urgent payments and all the things that were never bothered 11 months ago. And in my case, everybody decided to go outstation and leaving me alone doing all the coordination works. We are given our specific task but since everybody is out and they need the "urgent" report, I'm the one that must produce it.

Being a demotivated senior and not to forget most reliable staff in the unit, I don't give a damn about all these works. Imagine they need me to expediate the installation of internal wirings. INTERNAL WIRINGS! I'm a Cisco Certified Network PROFESSIONAL goddamnit! They should hire someone that has a Certified Wiring Professional cert to do that job. I'm sure they need to seat for 2 exams; copper exam and coaxial exam. Wonder why that kind of cert does not exist? Because that work can be done by monkeys that their brains have been taken out to served as desserts in India. (this is true ... try wiki it out)

And all these petty tasks is making me to work as a moody coordinator. I write impolite e-mails, I raise my voice with the vendors and I use "just woke up from sleep" voices to answer customers' calls. Should I be worried that people might not like me? Do you all bank-in my salary into my account?No? So ??!!! You want polite, softspoken coordinator... again, hire the monkeys.

It's the end of the year and people will start kissing their bosses' asses due to the upcoming performance appraisal. But not me I'm not. I don't care how they are gonna evaluate my achievements this year because I'm too smart for the evaluation system. All the Force Ranking, Bell Shape Graph, Normalization and all. So you wanna give me a rating 1 for working like this?? I seriously dare you!! Because that will justify me being like what I am today..

p/s: poyo sungguh kan? I love my work.. I love my bosses (gay gile) ... Ngahahahahaha PEGI MAMPOSSS!!!!!


Robo said...

can't believe QZ found the white laundry bag, dah berkurun i've been searching for it to shoot my bungatelur.com products.

If you dont mind sharing kilang mana QZ kontek..email me on the info at farah@bungatelur.com..

bagus sungguh QZ..bertuah ko rumet dpt wife budak TKC...hahahah..kem slm kat QZ yer..

nurulqz said...

hie robo..

how are u?
I agree.. mmg bertuah sape dpt bini budak tkc nih..

About the laundry basket, to tell you the truth, they dont have it anymore. Reason ? We bought it all. Tuh pon they have to dig up their store, just to find 5 units left.

Ur lucky coz I still have some left if you're interested. Ill mail you the details kays?

taa, take care.

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