Tuesday, December 19, 2006

12 Days To Go..

I'm bored.. tired.. lazy .. not in the mood for WORK! I've never felt like this way before so I'm assuming it's the year end phenomena. But the thing is... this is the time of the year that everything is needed urgently. Urgent installations, urgent claims, urgent payments and all the things that were never bothered 11 months ago. And in my case, everybody decided to go outstation and leaving me alone doing all the coordination works. We are given our specific task but since everybody is out and they need the "urgent" report, I'm the one that must produce it.

Being a demotivated senior and not to forget most reliable staff in the unit, I don't give a damn about all these works. Imagine they need me to expediate the installation of internal wirings. INTERNAL WIRINGS! I'm a Cisco Certified Network PROFESSIONAL goddamnit! They should hire someone that has a Certified Wiring Professional cert to do that job. I'm sure they need to seat for 2 exams; copper exam and coaxial exam. Wonder why that kind of cert does not exist? Because that work can be done by monkeys that their brains have been taken out to served as desserts in India. (this is true ... try wiki it out)

And all these petty tasks is making me to work as a moody coordinator. I write impolite e-mails, I raise my voice with the vendors and I use "just woke up from sleep" voices to answer customers' calls. Should I be worried that people might not like me? Do you all bank-in my salary into my account?No? So ??!!! You want polite, softspoken coordinator... again, hire the monkeys.

It's the end of the year and people will start kissing their bosses' asses due to the upcoming performance appraisal. But not me I'm not. I don't care how they are gonna evaluate my achievements this year because I'm too smart for the evaluation system. All the Force Ranking, Bell Shape Graph, Normalization and all. So you wanna give me a rating 1 for working like this?? I seriously dare you!! Because that will justify me being like what I am today..

p/s: poyo sungguh kan? I love my work.. I love my bosses (gay gile) ... Ngahahahahaha PEGI MAMPOSSS!!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Everybody watched it, everybody blogged about it. So after 9 months of fating from watching movies at the cinema, we decided to break the fast at GSC Midvalley last Thursday by watching the movie Cinta. Wifey and I took the day off, sent Arianna to her Guardians and we are all set to break the fast. Actually Wifey had to seat for her last CCNP paper that morning, so the movie was our CCNP celebration, pun intended. (haha... terasa nak jadi Joey, guna je "pun intended" not knowing the right way of using it)

Well I'm not gonna review the movie as many of you might have seen it and blogged about it anyway. Being an opposite of "hopeless romantic" as shown in the movie, the most interesting scenes were the singer with the guitar at Central Market saying "Bayar, bayar,bayar!" and the scene at the setinggan where a guy chasing another guy while shouting "Aku bunuh kau! Aku bunuh kau!". Other than that, the movie made a lot of people in the cinema cried till they have to snort their own mucus back down to their throat.

As I am writing this, wifey is in Perlis on business matters. She's doing her future work in her future job. The new job requires her to travel a lot, speak English a lot and leaving me and Arianna during weekends a lot. So it has been two nights that I've been sleeping alone with Arianna without anybody's assistance except Acik Warni to prepare Arianna's milk once in the middle of the night and once more in the morning.

By the way my father, Arianna and I went to the Canon Warehouse Sale yesterday. Our interest was to look for a printer to replace the old HP930C and digital cameras. One for Rizal's next birthday and the other one is for wifey.. yeah her new job also requires her to capture lots of pictures. Well the crowd was huge and we can hardly see what is on sale. The organizer was stupid enough to organize the event in such way and in the end Daddy managed to grab a RM1 calculator and a RM88 IP1300 after lots of pushing and all.

The outcome of the IP1300 was superb compared to the old HP930C but I'm sure for the critical eyes like pros or non pros like Farul, the photo printing was nothing. But what is there to complaint, its a RM88 printer!

I just can't resist doing this:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Let's Get Serious

The trip to Kuantan really changed my life. I'm still trying to figure out whether it is the ikan bakar petai or the sata that changed my luck in finding jobs. I've been applying for new jobs for the past few months and right after the weekend that we went for our anniversary trip, I've got a few companies calling up for interviews.

The happiest moment is when last week I got two job offers in two days in a row! Too bad they are offering slight increment compared to my current salary. I had to turn down the offers.

Last Friday I went for another interview and I hope that I am gonna get good result out of it by the end of this week.

On our way back to KL from Kuantan, we dropped by at Mueya's place in Damansara to visit the new born Hannah Aisya (I hope I spelled it correctly Mueya).

What did I get for wifey for our anniversary? Nothing! Teruk kan???

What did wifey got for me? Nothing jugak! Hahaha..

Anyway it was wifey's plan to get me a complete set of a product shoot setup. The setup is something like the pictures below.

The most priceless item is the white box which is actually a laundry basket. Apa priceless nya laundry basket? Go ahead and try find it anywhere in Malaysia... i bet u cant find it!!

So sweet that wifey took the trouble to call the factory to find out about the item. It seems that they stopped producing the white colour ones. But they still have a few units of old stock left. Thanks wifey for the laundry basket!

So these are the result of the product shoot. Besides the laundry basket we purchased the IKEA dining table, IKEA lights, light bulbs and coloured papers (Gold and Silver).

Next, I need to get a decent PC to post process my photos. Then I'll be either rich by selling the photos or plain broke after spending all the money purchasing the gears.

p/s: Im going to Kuantan tomorrow for work but for sure Im gonna look for my good luck charm while Im there!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Di Kala Orang Lain Sibuk Bertugas..

Ada orang tu sempat lagi main game di bilik server.... isk isk isk!

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