Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walk-Walk Find Eat Penang

Today I took a short drive to Sg. Petani to do some work that I usually do. After driving 400km from home starting from 7 o'clock in the morning and spent 2 hours interacting with the customer (since my work only took less than 10 minutes to complete), I get a little bit hungry. So I contacted Din, my old friend from military school and asked him to hang out with me.

So the day with him started with lunch at Restoran Sri Machang located at Machang Bubok. According to Din, the restaurant serves the best mee udang in the whole Penang region. How to get there? Take a drive heading towards Kulim using the old road, as you reach a traffic light with a signboard showing the direction of Machang Bubok to the right, take right. Duh!! The restaurant is located at on the right of the road, a few meters from the traffic light and to be more specific, its opposite of SK Machang. I had Mee Udang, Mee Goreng Special (Special = Daging Sup on top), Nescafe O Ice and Teh Tarik. The food was superb! It was worth the 400km plus drive. Hehe.

In the evening we hung out at Din's house a.k.a free accomodation for me! Its a 5 star hotel for me and the best part is, free Wi-Fi! Haha... RM99 saved!

For dinner, Din took me to dine at his most favourite Nasi Kandar restaurant. The name of the place is Restoran Nasi Kandar Tajuddin Hussain. Located at Queens Road and according to Din, the restaurant still use rolled spices or rempah giling in their cooking. So this could be the most authentic Nasi Kandar available in Penang. How to get there? 1) Get a cab and ask the driver to take you to the place. 2) Buy a map and find Queens Road. 3) Ask Din to drive you there. How's the food? I love Nasi Kandar! This is the first time for me to taste pure nasi kandar and to me it tasted the way I expected it to taste. There no like and dislike for me in nasi kandar, I treat pure nasi kandar and modernized nasi kandar differently. If there's one plate of Nasi Kandar Tajuddin Hussain and one plate of Nasi Kandar Zainol in front of me at the same particular point of time, I'll eat them both! Haha..

Last place worth mentioning in this entry is Bt. Feringghi Pirated DVD Market. How to get there? Just follow the signboard to Bt. Feringghi. What is interesting there? Cheap pirated DVD.... as cheap as RM4 per piece. I did spend RM92 there buying complete Season 3 to Season 6 of The Sopranos and a few more movies. Imagine buying the 4 seasons of The Sopranos in KL... it'll cost at least RM160!

So did I earn or lose in this trip?

Fuel: 1 full tank = -RM70
KM: 430km X RM0.55 = +RM236.50
Toll: What I spend is what I claim = RM0
Accomodation: Din's Hotel Free ++ = +RM90
Dobi Allowance: Tade kerja nak hantar baju gi dobi = +9
Meal allowances: = +25
Lunch: =-15
Dinner: Din belanja = RM0
DVD: = -92

So total gain = +RM183.50!

So I made that much by driving for about 4 hours, get my hands dirty for 15 minutes, talk cock for about 1 hour and a half and the rest of the day enjoying good food, free accomodation with free internet and in the end I bring back DVDs for wifey as sourvenirs.

How much cooler can my job be huh? And did I mention that I'll drive back for another 4 hours tomorrow morning to get back home, make another RM236.50 - RM70 + RM25 = RM191.50 and by noon, I'll be in bed sleeping with Arianna?!

Next trip: Kuala Terengganu on Wednesday.


myjulieyana said...

rumet, patutla perut makin 'tembam'.. hehe.. asyik walk-walk find eat.. bestnye mengclaim!

oh btw, chot yg dok kulim pon might not know about the resotan sri machang.. he kept saying this place is good, that place is good.. tapi tak penah bawak.. pity me.. i love food ok? :(

nurulqz said...

hahaha... kasihan julie... meh laa join kitorang.. we'll fatten u up in no time..

Julie.. Jan sounds good to me too. Skang nih tgh sebok pulun amik exam..kuakuakua

myjulieyana said...

ok my dear.. insyallah i'll try to make it happen.. Qz amek exam ape ni? CCNA? CCNP?

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