Saturday, November 11, 2006

TM Raya Celebration With Customer

I went to that event just now as a customer. Ate 5 sticks of satay, 1 and half bowl of mee rebus, 1 slice of lemang, 1 piece of ketupat and 2 cups of San Francisco's Latte. So not worth it, the food sucks!

Well, tonite Ayil is organizing a Raya Open House. To recap how he did it last year, lets have a look at the pictures below. By the way, I've uploaded these pictures before at my fotopage. It is linked here.

So why am I uploading them again? Suka hati aku la.. aku punya blog!

I just can remember the name of the person who looked like a bangla.

The chubby wifey. The person inside her that time will be coming again this year in person. So Ayil, please prepare more food this time.

Alyya couldn't walk yet at that point of time.

The host and hostess. If I'm not mistaken, Esah was watching The Amazing Race.

And the Bangla did complaint on his distorted face in this picture.

This year I heard that Ayil invited a few more people compared to last year. Maybe last year the house was a bit smaller than this year. Maybe the paycheque is a bit bigger this year that he can prepare more food or maybe he wanted more people to come so that we would give Marisa more Duit Raya and he'll use it for his own use.

Anyway I'm expecting better food compared to the one served at the TM Open House!

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