Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank You - You're Far Too Kind

Last Sunday my parents held a Hari Raya Open House. Wifey and I took the opportunity to invite a few of our friends and collegues.

This was the cake that Wifey plan to prepare for the occasion. Since this is the first attempt to steam (it wasnt baked) the cake, she did 2 sets of practice product.

The name of the cake is Haw Flakes Layer Cake. In Malay we call it Kek Lapis Haw Flakes. Nama ini bersempena dengan makanan ringan zaman kanak-kanak, Haw Flakes yang masih lagi berharga 10sen se paket.

As you can see, each layer is a bit thick compared to the normal commercial layer cake. It tasted like the normal layer cake (if not better.. hehe kiss ass!), so I have no complaints to the outcome.

So in the end Wifey decided not to make Haw Flakes Layer cake, instead she made 2 trays of Agar-agar Oreos, 2 trays of Coffee Cake with Fruit Cocktail and 2 trays of Marble Pudding. Total = 6 trays! and she made it in one evening!! Imagine how tiring it was for her. I just can imagine lah. But I had my share of tiredness searching of the right type of agar-agar for wifeys desserts.

So that Sunday morning, everybody were excited to celebrate Raya with everybody especially Arianna who wore her dress made by her Opah. Look how excited she is in the picture.

Yes! Yes! Hari ni dapat banyak duit Raya.

Well the attendance of my friends was quite good. Not as many as the previous years, maybe due to the "no durian" menu that my parents decided on this year. But I don't really mind. As long as the usuals do come, I'm happy enough. When I mention usuals, they are Ayil, Esah, Marisa, Farul, Jue, Alyya, Cipok, Zaki & Vendor and a few others that couldnt make it but had the courtesy to call/SMS me to say sorry that they couldnt make it. I used to include Ceng as my usuals, but since this open house I would rather include people like Syaz or Dib in my usual list. Ive been in contact with Tapai much more often than with this guy since.... since I WAS ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL (btw the hospital is much nearer to Shah Alam compared to "the" hospital in Ampang!). No amount of pizza could make up for that since my liver was impaired and I cant eat pizza anymore. Collegues from office were as expected, the usuals plus the a few new faces. Some TKC friends did show up, Bas (all the way from Melaka), Fa'era (sorry if I spelled the name wrongly), Ecah and Dick (or is it Dig? either way it doesnt mean nice huh?).

Thanks you all for coming!


mizzPink;-) said...

ops..instead of nak add comment,aku mamai gi send mail kt ko la rumet!!nway, aunty pink pon sempat rase Haw Flakes layer cake tu..wifey@ibu siap bwk gi klcc;-)yummmmmmyyyyy!!thank ibu!!

myjulieyana said...

it looks yummy, despite the thick layer.. hehe.. qz bile nak masak alfredo lagi? hehehe.. kita buat potluck at your house nak? my house is too small & too far, i'm afraid ppl wont come.. :P

nurulqz said...

julie.. have u seen my house ? ( actually yes, sbb julie pernah dtg). Rasenye kalau arianna boleh ckp.. die pon dah bebel x de tempat nak lari.

Alfredo? No problem... ayil pon ade tanye harituh. Julie host laa.. i dont mind contributing the alfredo. If rumah kecik..attendees kene limitkan laa.. no choice.
Dont worry.. julie ajak org dtg nye..I know I would.

Cake tuh turned out quite good since qz first time buat.. cake tuh pon berlapis pon dah cukop bagus.. not easy to make cake lapis sambil menyambil bfeed lagik.. hahahah. The taste mmg yummy.. i want to make it again with not so glaringly thick layers :)

myjulieyana said...

qz, lemme see when can i host.. hehe.. aah.. u all hv never been to my house before.. maybe not so early kot.. early jan next year ker.. apa2 nanti julie update kay? and i want alfredo ok.. hehe.. esah kena bawak baked spaghetti or lasagna (chicken?).. hoho.. why me so hungry now???

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