Thursday, November 02, 2006

Seven and Half Months

It's official that Arianna is able to crawl now. It was confirmed last Sunday by her beloved Ibu and Ayah. So that evening we took her to Opah's house demonstrate her latest talent. As usual she won't show her talents when there's spectators around. But according to Opah, during their trip to Nenek's house she was happy enough to wander around the living room crawling. Its sad that I couldnt record her action on video. Damn this FotoFlash. Its almost 5 months that my videocam is being "serviced" by them.

Its not easy guard her nowadays. Once we found her with her feet stucked under the sofa. Well last two nights, she made her second attempt to get out of the bed on her own where she failed badly. She cried so loudly that she almost woke up the whole apartment that night. Her Acik Warni said, once a baby falls down the bed there'll be another 6 more falls to complete the lucky number 7.

As you can see in the pictures below, we are trying our best to "kepung" our active daughter.

So these are some pictures taken at our home.

This picture is cute huh? Taken at Nenek's home during our Raya visit.


myjulieyana said...

yeah Rumet.. baby is so cute at crawling stage! and so hard to guard as well.. Arianna mmg comey! Kiss her for me eh?

hezz said...

the next thing you know..she'll be running everywhere around the place! hahaha.. geramslaa.. tp dia kurus sket eh? puasa jugak eh? ehehehe

rumet said...

arianna kurus sebab die active merangkak.. asyik berpeluh je kerja..

Anonymous said...

lepas merangkak, berjalan. lepas berjalan, berlari. dah tu.. takkan la nak merangkak sepanjang hayat kot

rumet said...

lepas berlari tak terbang plak ke anonymous?

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