Thursday, November 16, 2006

Now Every Gangster Can Fly

As I've blogged before that my flight was retimed to 10.55pm, actually it took off at 11.15pm. So in this post I would love to share with you all some Travelling Tips: Flying AirAsia.

1) Never check-in early. Take my flight for example. To catch the 9.20pm flight you must be there 45 minutes earlier which is 8.35pm. The plane took off at 11.15pm... imagine the time wasted at the airport. So next time you fly AirAsia make sure you arrive at the aiport just in time for them to close the airplane's doors and ask the cabin crew to arm and cross check all doors (including the emergency door).

2) Don't bother checking in your luggage into the cargo. Well this tip works perfectly with tip No.1. If you arrive at the airport "late", there's no time to check-in the bags. But no worries, in AirAsia you can bring practically everything inside the plane and store it in your overhead compartment. Nevermind if the bag is bigger than the compartment itself, there'll be somebody kind enough to "sumbat" your bag for you.

3) If it is the first time for you to fly AirAsia, be warned that the leg space is fairly smaller compared to the High Cost Carriers. So you might not be comfortable but please and I beg you for this, dont shake your legs vigorously as it will shake the plane and the person in front of you will be really pissed off.

4) If you are unfortunate enough to be the person seating in front of the "plane shaker", please be patient with him/her. He/she might be too excited flying with AirAsia for the first time. If you really can't tolerate, just tell him/her politely to stop it.Preferably start it with "Excuse me" or "Sorry". If he/she is too excited that he/she cant stop, just leave the seat that you are on and find other seat. Never ever "ask" that person to stop by saying, "Stop shaking my seat lah fucker!". Mind you that the person at your back might be flying AirAsia for the first time, but it won't be the first time he/she saying, "Fuck You!" back to you.

5) Exercise you rights as a consumer. If such commotions like No.4 and No.3 do happen during your flight, do exercise your rights to complaint. Start with the air crew (steward/stewardess) and if they do nothing, insist on speaking to the Captain. Eventhough its a cheap airline, that doesnt mean that they can just give us lousy service. I would surely complaint if Arianna was there flying with me. I dont want her to be exposed to those fucking swear words.

Hope you all get benefitted from the tips that I gave.

By the way, when my flight landed and as soon as the seat belt sign went off, the "Plane Shaker" and the "Fuck You" guy got up and started punching each other. It took a few other pasenggers to break it off while the stewardess was too busy ... counting profit they made selling Maggi Hot Cup Noodles which is by the way RM9 per cup.

Ape kejadahnya bergaduh dalam fligth oi?? Gila gengster low class abes. I'm sure Mafias like Tony Sopranos would never fly cheap airlines.

Enough talking about airline with stewardess wearing short skirts. Me need to sleep. Have a 7.15am flight to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow. This time I fly with stewardess with baju kebaya lah..

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momi said...

weh.. airasia buleh wat masuk stroller tak dlm flight? ke kene check in?

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