Friday, November 24, 2006

November 2006

Inspired by SaifulNang in his entry at his fotopage, my November has been a very hectic one. Just recovered from a long fever. Still recovering from a liver infection and the recent Hari Raya Puasa celebration really made me have to work hard this month.

1st week : Outstation Sarawak
2nd week : Outstation Kedah & Terengganu
3rd week: Outstation Sabah

My routine would be out on Monday and I'll be back by Thursday morning if not Wednesday evening. Friday will be the day that I arrange stuffs for the following week.

Since its Raya month, there are few functions to attend and I usually dedicate my weekend for my lovely wife and daughter. After all I did all the hard work for their own benefits too. So it has been more than a month that I stopped playing snooker. Itchy hands, itchy hands!

Back to the inspiration by SN, I will be heading to Kuantan this weekend. Will be going tommorrow and be back on Monday. Apart from taking a break from all the busy-ness, this Monday will be my 2nd year anniversary! Last year we took a holiday to Penang and this year, we chose Kuantan as the spot to celebrate our love. This time there'll be Arianna around to join in the celebration. Hopefully next year Arianna can babysit her brother/sister when we celebrate our anniversary.

Lets make Arianna's bro/sis this weekend!! Haha..

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myjulieyana said...

ehem ehem.. goodluck! ;)

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