Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not So Fun Trip

I've only been away for 1 night from these 2 gals but this time I kind of miss them much more than usual.(Usually I can go outstation for weeks without even thinking of them...hehe) Somehow this trip keep on giving me bad news or bad dreams.

For example, last night I dreamt of my dream house in Ara Hill. In reality I got an exclusive invitation to become among the first buyer of that house. Unfortunately in my dream last night, the price of the house was RM1.1 million!!

This morning wifey called me and told me that she called NeoGeo to check out for the white laundry basket that we were searching for for the past few months. But the guy who answered the phone told wifey that the white color has been discontinued from production due to its sales performance.

The saddest news must be the one that Katrina D Dambul's child death. I have to KIV in this part cause I didn't really get the story when wifey told me about it. Anyway Al-Fatihah is in order for this news.

Lastly Im unhappy being an under achiever in my company. Im stuck with the same job for 4 years and now Im being compared with my other colleagues and obviously they are doing better than I am and their resumes are better looking than mine. Cemana nak tukar kerja dan beli rumah 1.1juta macam ni!!!!!!!!

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