Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kingwood Inn Kuching

Just came back from a three days business trip to Kuching. I went there with two other collegues and they decided to stay just for two days and left me alone to complete the remaining job. For the two of you, I'll be reporting this to your respective bosses and the Finance division so that they'll slash off your travelling claims accordingly.

We stayed at Kingwood Inn which is located near Kuching Park. More reviews about the hotel can be found here.

My brief comment is that the room is very spacious. Shower is strong and hot. Price of the room that we stayed was RM138 - corporate rate. We get 2 Queen size beds with that price.

The downside is that this hotel is quite far from town. The first night we stayed there, we walked about 3km to find a restaurant for us to have dinner..


mom-of-one said...

Tumpang tanya (sori sbb off topic), pelampung floatie yg Arianna pakai dlm gambar tu beli kat mana n how much? And btw, Arianna is sooooo comel! :)

rumet said...

Saya beli dekat shopping complex Center Point Kota Kinabalu... berapa ringgit huh? 20 lebih kot..

hezz said...

3km?? thats a really long walk.. shldve been able to burn all those tummy fats.. ihihihihi :p

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