Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy 8 Months Old Arianna

Sorry I couldn't wish you happy 8 months birthday tomorrow since I'll be leaving to Terengganu very early in the morning. My "Now Everyone Can Fly" flight will be leaving LCCT at 7:05am and to be at LCCT 45 minutes before departure I need to leave home by before 5:00am. Hopefully you are not up yet by then since it'll surely disturb Ibu's sleep :)

See you tomorrow night! Take care..


ibu said...

ibus sleep was well disturbed when arianna decides to wake up at 3:00 am to garu-garu, picit-picit, kick-kick skit ibu die to just ensure somebodys should stay awake as well.

Nevertheless, ibu still gives u one bigg shllooppyy kiss for your 8 month bday!!!mmmuuuahhhhsss!!

hezz said...

seriuosly..Arianna shld be banned from blogging!! She shld be banned for being toooo cute and causing all viewers tak boleh kerja asyik nak tgk arianna je!! ahahaha.. anyway.. Happy 8th Month Old Arianna! Huggies and Kissies from Aunty Eryana! *muahhh*

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