Sunday, November 12, 2006

Celebrity Blog

The foods were excellent! Wifey didn't like the lasagna because according to her it has a lamb taste. Well no complaints from me about that! I wouldn't blog much about last night's event - let Esah update her tropicalpenguins once in a while.

A few weeks back, I found a blog of a celebrity fitness freak nutrionist. I first noticed him at Akademi Fantasia 4. This is his link: My main point of telling you all this is that, when you visit the blog do pay attention to the Title. Somehow my title is not that lame huh?

And when wifey mentioned that the lasagna tasted like lamb, I had the idea to make Lamb Lasagna Aqiqah Party for Arianna's brother/sister.... when is that, we'll have to ask Arianna lah!

Next menu: Lasagna Lidah Kambing bersama Mata Kambing Tersorok di Celah-Celah Kepingan Lasagna.


myjulieyana said...

rumet, macam sedap jer bunyinyer.. he he

myjulieyana said...

rumet, template dahlaa same.. title pon quite the same.. hahaha.. kirenye mcm celebrity jugaklaa ko ni..

hezz said...

eiuu grosslaa gambar tu azril.. cam gruesome bombing of a lamb ala razak baginda je.. iskkk..

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