Sunday, October 22, 2006

Travel Langkawi - Cable Car Ride

I like this new Blogger Beta thingy. It uploads pictures much faster compared to the previous blogger. The other cool features is that it allows us to tag or label our posts. As you can see on my link Labels, I've categorized my posts accordingly. So if some of you wouldn't want to read all my posts and specifically wanna read about Arianna, then click on label Arianna.

So as promised, these are the pictures on our previous trip to the Cable Car Langkawi.

Gila curam oi!!

Relax je dua orang minah ni. Siap senget kepala lagi!!

The better shot compared to the last post.

Again they are not bothered by the steepness of the ride.

Ni on the way up. Yang tadi on the way down.

Arianna boleh la happy. Ayah die yang pancit dukung die!!!

Family photo taken by a chinese boy who owns a Olympus E-300.

Happy nyeee!!

Tengok Ayah punya peluh!


Zarina said...

Selamat Hari Raya abang, kak nurul and arianna... Maaf zahir batin.. raya di sini not bad... but looking at the pictures really makes me wanna get home right now... H.O.M.E... serindu rindu nya seorang manusia ke satu manusia yang lain, that's how i feel when i look at your gorgeous daughter.. Have a good raya, and i hope you miss me as much as i miss you... Selamat Hari Raya...

rumet said...

haha we all miss you too... i'll upload gambar raya soon

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