Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hari Raya Aidilfitri - Let the pictures describe the event

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Travel Langkawi - Cable Car Ride

I like this new Blogger Beta thingy. It uploads pictures much faster compared to the previous blogger. The other cool features is that it allows us to tag or label our posts. As you can see on my link Labels, I've categorized my posts accordingly. So if some of you wouldn't want to read all my posts and specifically wanna read about Arianna, then click on label Arianna.

So as promised, these are the pictures on our previous trip to the Cable Car Langkawi.

Gila curam oi!!

Relax je dua orang minah ni. Siap senget kepala lagi!!

The better shot compared to the last post.

Again they are not bothered by the steepness of the ride.

Ni on the way up. Yang tadi on the way down.

Arianna boleh la happy. Ayah die yang pancit dukung die!!!

Family photo taken by a chinese boy who owns a Olympus E-300.

Happy nyeee!!

Tengok Ayah punya peluh!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday + Happy Ramadhan + Not Happy Liver + Happy Raya

Haaa... at last I have the opportunity to update this space. It has been a long month and I was pretty much "pre occu payed" as the three kids pronounced it in the NST advert.

So lets recap on what had happened since my last update.

My birthday! Yeah we had a pre- birthday celebration at the Little Italian Kitchen. Thanks to wifey for organizing it since my birthday is in Ramadhan, she was kind enough to gather us a few days before my birthday to enjoy the tiramisu.

At Little Italian Kitchen

The attendees as usual..

The lazy attendees as usual (pemalas bawak anak!)

Lucky me even on my birthday itself, my family bought me a birthday cake for buka puasa. My favourite cake, Pandan Layer Cake was sponsored by Zarina's fiance, Mutalib.

Family Photo

Yeah.. Zarina came back from Australia to celebrate my birthday!

And the best part is my present from wifey and Arianna. They bought me a nice beautiful jacket! I never had a jacket before in my entire working life. So this is my first jacket.

The initial colour was black but we had to exchange it to this as the black one is senteng.

The super special sweet gift.

As you can see there a picture of wifey and Arianna sewn to the inner pocket of my jacket. So sweet huh? Thanks to the both of you :). Eventhough that picture wont help me in picking up stewardess on airplanes during my outstation trips anymore, I really appreciate the gift. Thank you sayang. Did you all notice that since Arianna was born, my blog is not the same anymore. The kiss-ass-wifey element kind of lacking. Maybe that explains why I get it less often nowadays.

Did I mention that I'm blogging this birthday entry with the feelings that I might have the chance to blog about my next birthday again? Hmm.. the reason why is that my liver is not very happy nowadays. I was admitted to the hospital last two weeks for prolonged fever. After a few ( like 20 plus) blood tests being conducted, its concluded that the fever was a normal viral fever. Thats the good news. The not so good news is that the virus that gave me the fever was infecting my liver causing my liver not to function normally. Screened for all the Hepatitis A,B & C. All negative. Again good news. The latest news is the worst news. My blood sample was sent to Australia during my stay at the hospital and the result was back today. The test result was showing a possibility that my immune system is attacking my own organ which is my liver. As we all know the immune system should work during any viral or bacteria attack to our body. But being a hardworking immune system that I have, the system get bored easily and when there's no viral or bacteria attack, they start to attack my liver. But again that is just a possibility. To confirm it, I might need to do a liver biopsy which is taking the tissue of my liver for tests!

Enough bout that. I wouldnt want you all to be worried about that. Look at the bright side, I didnt have to fast as frequent as you all. As of today I've only fasted for 9 days. Haha

Arianna... its been a while since I last blogged about her. She's an active angel nowadays. Banyak mulut, dah pandai duduk, pandai mengesot ke belakang dan depan. The most significant change is that now she's very attached to her parents and her grandparents. Since I felt sick, I havent took any pictures of Arianna and to tell you the truth I am getting a bit lazy on using my DSLR. Now wifey and I are toying with the idea of buying a simple Point and Shoot camera. But I promise myself to take pictures of us especially Arianna on this coming Raya.

Talking about Raya, I thought of blogging about Puasa before this. Story a bit on how puasa life is with Arianna around. But since its towards the end of puasa and Im sure tomorrow is the last day of work for most of us, so I would like to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aldilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin. The mintak maaf part, I really mean it this year. All because of this liver thingy. Im sure you all will be enjoying all the kuih raya, lemang, ketupat and all... well I just want to remind you all to watch out your diet and take care of your internal organs.

Happy Holidays people! Drive carefully..

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