Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Travel Tips - Stroller

I'm too weak to blog about my birthday celebration.. been sick for the past few days. So I'll update on that later.. so this time I'll write on Travel Tips: With Rumet & QZ.

After the 2 holiday trips that we had this month, I've realized that if we are travelling with a baby, the stroller is a godsend. Many of us will say that they'll carry the baby most of the time, the stroller is a burden to carry on during trips and etc. But in my experience eventhough we might have to carry Arianna most of the time, the stroller is useful when she's asleep. Imagine having dinner by both of us eating at the same time while the baby is sleeping in the stroller. A dream come for most parents right?

The issue with taking the stroller on our holiday was how to carry it into the airplane. We've done our studies when we first bought the stroller. The salesguy told us that we can take the stroller into the boarding hall and as we reach the airplane's door, leave it to the stewardess to take care of the stroller. Never ever check-in the stroller with the luggage!

So on the 1st trip which was to Sabah, I have to carry the stroller without Arianna since wifey and Arianna were coming later. When I checked-in my luggage the person at the check-in counter insisted on me checking-in the stroller together with my luggage. I said no. She said they'll only allow us to bring the stroller into the boarding hall if there's a baby travelling in it. WTF? That was not stated anywhere in the picture where they put pictures of items that can or cannot be hand carried. So I asked her if I checked-in the stroller into the cargo, can they guarantee the safety of my stroller. She said, "I'm not sure, that one is up to the person who handle the cargo". What a stupid answer. She even tried to talk me out by saying that we had a few passengers checked-in the stroller and everything is fine. Yeah right! Like noboby knows that KLIA is the most famous airport for cases with luggage being opened by "we dunno who". That explains why there are a few bag wrapping service available in KLIA. And I've read somewhere that people prefer to fly from Singapore to any destination overseas. Back to the person behind the stroller story, I asked her what if I didn't check-in my stroller and walk into the boarding hall? She said, "You can take your chances with the security officers". Then I told her that I'll give it a try lah...

As I enter the entrance to the boarding hall, I asked the policeman can I bring my stroller with me inside? He said yes. To confirm with him,"Even without a baby travelling with me?". He answered,"Yes".
Conclusion: Stupid check-in personnel!

When I arrived at my boarding gate, the person who teared my boarding pass gave me a tag to put on to my stroller. Something like the picture below.

So as I arrived the airplane's door the stewardess told me to leave the stroller outside the door. When The flight landed, I just need to collect the stroller in front of the airplane door. As simple as that.

Well so far my experiences were with Malaysia Airlines. I'm sure any other high-cost carriers will have similar procedures on travelling with strollers. I'm not sure with the low-cost carriers though. Maybe we'll get to know on our next trip. Hopefully the next trip will be sometime when Arianna still needs the stroller lah..


yatipruzz said...

air asia pon sama, leave it next to door plane and u can collect it as the plane landed. kitorang dulu stroller siap tersama ngan sorang lagi, but lucky tak tertukar.

Anonymous said...

So far,mmg airline2 yg we all naik mmg sama je policy,just leave ur stroller kat doorstep aeroplane and collect pun right after kita keluar dr aeroplane.few years ago MAS pun lembab dlm hal2 mcm ni,coz dulu kitorang hnya dpt collect our stroller masa kat luggage claim tu.Penatnya bawak baby nak jln dr keluar fight menuju ke conveyor belt tu.cuma masa i balik msia this yr dah pandai sikit diorg,stroller dah letak kat doorstep tu.

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