Thursday, September 14, 2006

Travel Sabah - Last Day & Tapai's Departure

Last day in Sabah, it was on Sunday. Every Sunday there's this thing called Tamu Jalan Gaya (or was it Daya?). It was something like Pasar Malam in the day. There were stalls selling brooches, t-shirts, rabbits, cats, dogs, soya bean drink, pearls and etc. So that day we went there for window shopping. So I think that was about it on what we did in Sabah that day. Later we took the 3.45 pm flight back to KL and arrived KLIA just in time to say goodbye to Tapai who was leaving to Manchester.

So the usuals were there to bid farewell.

Ayil, Esah and Marisa..

Manja kan?

Arib and Dila (parents to be..)

Latest Daddy Ceng a.k.a Pengusaha Air Selusuh Bulu Tak Jadi (Scam ni!)

Farul, Jue and Alyya

Cipok, Rodek (Uncle Mok) and his girlfriend (sorry tak ingat nama..)

Arianna posing sedey saying Goodbye to Uncle Pai..


ragsy937 said...

thanx weyh hantar.. wahhaha.. weyh.. cam best gile jek trip pi sabah ni.. nak pergi Sabah gakla cam ni..*wink wink

myjulieyana said...

esah cam nak baby lagi sorang jek.. hehe..

rumet,tapai nangis tak??

rumet said...

mesti la!!

hezz said...

tapai gi mana buat apa???

esah99 said...

ohh julieee...blum lagi.. heheheh
lek lek dluuuu.. ngan marisa pun lum puas.. geram tgk arianna nihhh :D

ilish & safurah said...

ilish tanya apesal rupa marisa ngan arianna macam sama!

rumet said...

jawab kat ilish.. tu mmg gambar arianna pon... label je marisa...

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