Thursday, September 14, 2006

Travel Sabah - Day 3

It was a tiring day after the climb to Mt. Kinabalu the day before. Day 3 stared off with buffet breakfast as usual... except that it was quite a late breakfast. By the way, the buffet breakfast selections are quite good in Sutera Harbour. Mind you that we stayed at Magellan on the first night and continued our holiday at Pacific Sutera Harbour till the end of the vacation. If you ask wifey, she'll definitely say that the buffet at Magellan is better than Pacific. Cheese omelette dia lain la.. mushroom dia pakai dalam tin lahh..

After breakfast we went for a stroll at the resort's compound. Again mind you that my camera sometimes make human figures look bigger than the real thing in its pictures.

Arianna really look different in this picture huh?

After the morning stroll, we went back to the room and the 2 princess decided to sleep till 2.30pm!.. leaving me surfing the free internet in the room while transfering the pictures from the camera to the notebook. As planned the day before, we went to the Little Italy restaurant for late lunch. The restaurant is very popular according to friends in Semenanjung and reviews in the internet is very convincing. Well my comment is they do serve good meals, but the reviews do exaggerate a lot. Example here.

After lunch we head back to the hotel and just in time for swimming!!! Arianna really enjoyed the pool. She is a natural swimmer lah to me... but at one point we went overboard sampai tertelan air. Being a baby she didnt know how to react and there was a moment that she was choking and sort of couldnt breathe. Gila panik ayah die!!! Out of the pool and back in the bath tub for you Miss Arianna!

Day 3 was the last night we spend in Sabah. We couldnt miss the sunset view from the resort. Seriously the atmosphere was awesome!!

Silhoutte yang hampir jadi..

The night was concluded by having dinner at Port View Seafood Restaurant. As been told earlier Port View and Ocean is very similar but Port View caters for upper class customer. The selections are a bit less than Ocean, price is the same and the cooking is the same. If you ask me which one I prefer among the two, I'll choose Ocean Seafood. The comparison is like Nasi Kandar in KL... between Zainol Nasi Kandar and the Nasi Kandar food chain like Kayu,Pelita etc.. I'll choose Zainol. Same price, same selection, same cooking also maa...

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