Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travel Sabah - Day 2

Did I mention that we rented a Proton Waja on the first day? I collected the car at 7 pm and we went to Ocean Seafood right after that. The rental was RM184 for 24hours rent and that price is after 30% discount. We rented it from Hertz because of the "brand" hopefully if something bad happen I could get better support instead of renting a car from some friend of a taxi driver that is also working for a car rental company but its not the company's car kind of thing.

Penangan Ocean Seafood

So the morning of day 2, according to my plan we are supposed to leave for Mt. Kinabalu at 6.30am. But I think they had put something in the crab that made us wake up at 7.00am plus and it took the three of us 2 hours plus to get ready and have our breakfast.

So at 9.30am.. off we go to Mt. Kinabalu.

Wifey terpijak selut.
We bought Arianna a sweater since Mt. Kinabalu is supposed to be cold. But it took us 2 hours drive to realize that Genting Highland is much colder than this Kundasang.

They charged us RM3.00 per head (for adult) to enter the Mt. Kinabalu Park. It was the entrance for those who wanted to climb the mountain using the Mesilau track.

Then they charged us another RM4.00 per head to enter the Mt.Kinabalu Botanical Garden. My comment of this garden is... its nothing lah! The flower above is everywhere and thats the only thing there! The garden is only 20 minutes walk and I wont go there again even if they pay me RM10 per minute I spend time in that garden. So for those of you who has this place as their "must visit spot before they die", just scrap it lah!

We were already exhausted when we went out of Kinabalu Park. But in my plan there's still Poring Hot Spring, canopy walk and butterfly farm to visit in Poring. Since we don't know when will be the next time to Sabah, we continue on with the plan. Poring is another 45 minutes drive from Mt. Kinabalu Park.

We arrived Poring at about 1.30pm and to summarize the event in Poring in one paragraph, we had lunch, to a dip in the hot spring and took off. The hot spring is so refreshing. We rented a private room with hot spring jacuzzi which costs RM20 per hour. The funny part of the jacuzzi is that we can control the temperature of the hot spring water.... ada dua tap.. blue and red. Haha.. The hot spring is worth the visit... boleh pergi lagi... but bring your own towels as they do not provide free towels for the visitors.

We left Poring at about 4.30 pm... to catch the time to return the rented car.

Day 2 dinner is escorted by Dana, wifey's TKC friend. We went to Little Italy Restaurant but the place was packed with people. Kena queue... So we went to Anjung Selera at Likas for malay style seafood dinner. My comment about the place is... it sucks!!! The service was really bad. It took them more than one hour to prepare the food. There's not many choices of seafoods. All the available fish was big! Too big for 3 person punya meal! And I am not going there again!!!

So we'll try the Little Italy tommorrow....


myjulieyana said...

good rumet good.. tell us more.. ni yg buat semangat nak gi sabah lg nih..

hezz said...

tulaa kan? cam best je.. worth it ke if go for honeymoon eh? hehe

myjulieyana said...

hezz, u pegi hiking Mt Kinabalu la for honeymoon.. sure adventurous..

hezz said...

hahahaha biar betul? kena kidnap org utan kang! hahahaha

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