Monday, September 11, 2006

Travel Sabah - Day 1

First day started by Wifey and Arianna waking up at 8 o'clock at Deleeton Hotel. Deleeton Hotel is a1 star hotel located across Centre Point. Its a famous hotel among my colleagues. Its "cheap", near a shopping complex, there's a 24-hours restaurant on the ground floor and recently they even have Astro.

For breakfast, we had milk/chocolate tea with pudding and garlic/tuna toast at YoYo Cafe. YoYo is pronounced youyou/yuyu according to Sabrina the Tapai's girlfriend (i never thought that i'll use that word for Tapai).

Next..check in to a 5 star resort - The Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort. We got the sea view deluxe room with....king size bed.



Nice bathroom. Can u roughly guess the design of the bathroom by looking at this picture?

The main event in Arianna's life after the flight was her being thrown into the swimming pool. Since I dun feel safe bringing my camera to the swimming pool, here is a shot of Arianna in the bath tub. As of that day, Arianna is certified with "Not Scared Of Water".. unlike her uncle Kim or Uncle Ayil.

Dinner - Mandatory Seafood Dinner! Although Sabah is well known for cheap seafood, after a few chats with taxi drivers there's less than 7 spots for seafood lovers.

1) Ocean Seafood in town
2) Port View Seafood in town
3) Grand Port View Seafood in town
4) Garden Seafood at Tanjung Aru
5) Kampung Nelayan 20 minutes drive from town
6) Anjung Selera at Likas

The 1st three restautants were owned by the same owner, but now Ocean Seafood has gone its own way. The 1st night we went to Ocean Seafood.

Look at the selections.

Tanks full of lobsters and mantis prawns.

Coconut Crab .. guess how much is it?? RM230 per KG!!!!!!
Good nite!!


myjulieyana said...

bestnyerrr.. nak gi Sabah lagi la.. that day we went, it's like a plain vacation.. dahla ada fire alarm tengah2 malam.. boring betul.. then seafood plak tatau nak pegi mana..

anyway, Arianna looks so cheeky and comelllnyerr.. rajin2 bagi dia masuk bathtub so that tak takut air cam kak Aisya.. =)

so, tak sent off tapai la ek?

hezz said...

arianna makin bulat laa kan? hehehe.. bestnyer seafood kat sabah.. what's the price range like eh for a good decent meal?

rumet said...

julie: kiterang balik hari ahad... sampai KLIA just in time utk tengok tapai nangis.. hehe

hezz: its not so cheap but i rather pay rm120 for 1/2 kg of tiger prawns, 2 big flower crabs, one plate of baby kailan with scallops, rice and 2 jugs of chinese tea than paying rm 80+ for one plate of fried rice, one plate of chicken rice and 2 glasses of fruit juice to Sutera Harbour..

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