Monday, September 25, 2006

Travel Langkawi - In A Nutshell

Im gonna be brief with this as I'm still a bit sleepy after waking up quite early for sahur plus Arianna decided to wake up a bit early than usual to play her golek-golek game.

Basically there's nothing much to tell on the trip this time. We stayed at Grand Continental Hotel, a 3 star hotel which Arianna didn't like (spoilt brat!). She kept on making noises, being cranky and grumpy until we took her out of the room, then she'll be quite. Some said that maybe she saw something that we, adults couldn't see. But my explaination was either she was afraid being left alone in the room if she was asleep or she was phobia with the bed since she fell from it on one of the nights.

We rented a new Nissan Sentra (mileage clocked at 11,000 km) for RM 180 for 3 days! Damn cheap compared to the car we rented in Kota Kinabalu. Tapi kuat minum minyak la!

Foods!! For dinner we ate at Wan Thai Restaurant (Kuah), Jai Cafe (Kuah) and Changloon Restaurant (Pantai Cenang). I wont waste my energy on telling all about these restaurants but one bakery cum restaurant cum cafe worth blogging in detail is The Loaf. The shop belongs to Dr. Mahathir, our ex Prime Minister. But I'll blog about it later.

It was a tiring trip as Arianna is becoming more demanding these days. Dia dah tanak dengan orang lain. Susah nak tido. Kena dukung selalu and etc.. Might be planning our next holiday trip when she can walk on her own.

Sight seeing.. The Cable Car. That's it. Will post more pictures of that later. I know if I elaborate more on this, I'll get a few "gayat" comments in my blog. So here let me confess... Yes I'm scared of height! Dun ask me why... dun judge me by asking, "cemana ko high jump dulu?", "naik flight tak takut pulak", "dulu kat rmc buat absiling and etc".

I'm brave enuff to say that I'm "gayat". But for these 2 people that claim that derang tak gayat... look at their faces people...

tak gayat konon..


nurulqz said...

giler jahat gambar u post nih!!!!

hahahahah.. sesape yg nak tgk my not so default smile.. enjoy urself!

anyway, sape nak the full scoop on rumet gayat naik cable car make sure get the full scoop from me.. criter kat sini x best!!

teaser :

Quoting hubby dearie,

" Yang ! Yang ! Kenape cable car bunyi ? ???? "

How I wish arianna could back me up :)

myjulieyana said...

hehe.. me gayat too.. malangnye masa pegi cablecar tu dulu nak hujan, so misty & they didnt allow us to ride.. tapi tgk pon dah gayat.. very steep angle nak naik tuh.. tak macam genting punye.. kan?

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