Friday, September 01, 2006

HP Birthday Ayil!

31st August in my diary is not so much of our Independence Day. I dont go and witness the firewoks every year, instead I look forward for Ayil's phone call to invite me to his birthday celebration. During our studying years, Ayil's birthday is the best birthday celebration. His parents will allocate one table for Ayils' friends at Sheraton Subang! Hahah... gila melantak oyster!!

Since we start working, somehow the offer is not forwarded to us anymore. Last nite Ayil invited us to his house for dinner. (Gilerr tader idea nak tulis!)

The host

Uncle Pai & Uncle Mok

Pembekal Air Selusuh Bulu & Isteri

Takde gambar Arianna kat rumah Ayil. So these were taken on 26th August 2006. Again these shots were taken to ambil hati Mak Ngah Zarina for the "ESPRIT" that she gave Arianna.


mak ngah jena said...

hati mak ngah pun terambil.... =D she looks like kak nurul in those pictures.. hehe! mak ngah will send you more tops baby arianna. what color do you like? i think deep purple will look good on my sweetheart niece... =)

hezz said...

cutenyerrrr!! what more to say..

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