Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Sabah!

Yesterday morning I boarded myself to Kota Kinabalu on business trip. Yeah... business trip sounds much better for my ego. My trip involves only 2 sites. One in Sandakan and the other is in Tawau. Im blogging this in Tawau at 4.23p.m while waiting for my flight back to KK which is at 9.15pm! As far as work is concerned, my job at these 2 sites took me a total of less than 1 hour to complete but in my schedule that I submitted to request for flight ticket, i needed 4 days to get the job done.

But being a loyal trustworthy staff in my lovely company, officially I'm taking leave for tomorrow and Friday. I'm gonna stay on until Sunday in KK and wifey & Arianna will be coming to KK tonite to join me! So this will be the first official holiday (semi official for me) for the three of us since .... Arianna came to the world and took over my blog. Yeah there was a trip before to Port Dickson but that was an unofficial lousy holiday since wifey and I were on duty during that weekend.

So we will be staying at Sutera Harbour Resort KK. On Thursday we will enjoy the facilities at the hotel. In the evening we will collect our rented car and have seafood dinner somewhere in KK. Friday we'll take a drive to Mesilau Nature Park, Poring Hot Spring, Butterfly Farm and etc. Dinner that day might be accompanied by Dana... wifey's TKC schoolmate. Saturday will be reserved for island hopping at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park... Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamuntik and 2 other islands. Dinner on Saturday might be at Sutera Harbour or Italian dinner somewhere that wifey recommends. Sunday balik! Thats the plan at least!!!

By having this cuti-cuti malaysia we'll miss a few events in KL.

1) Our company's family day... i was an ex-committee for that event.
2) Shodi's and Nurel's wedding.... free food!!!!
3) Tapai's departure to Manchester... maybe miss laa.

What was I thinking huh? Missing all these "might win a lucky draw" and free food events for a holiday which I actually couldnt really afford. Well I quote Julie in her blog..."Mamposs!!".

Actually I'll be missing something important in Arianna's life in this trip.... her first experience flying MAS... or any airplane pun!!! So it'll be an honour for wifey to accompany Arianna all by herself... more of a challenge huh? Dunno about wifey... but when we broke the news to Arianna on travelling by flight...

yeaaahhhh naik kapal terbang!!!


hezz said...

Iskkk.. boleh ke arianna nak island hopping tu? erkkk.. korang ni biar betui!! ahahaha.. nways.. have fun u guys! jgn arianna balik all tanned sudah! hahaha..

rumet said...

Arianna wajib suka island hopping!Ayah die akan pastikan...

Anonymous said...

Guys, your daughter is v v cute la. rasa nak gigit!

Anonymous Bloghopper

myjulieyana said...

bestnyer! hopefully Arianna will do good in the 2hrs flight.. i'm planning to go to KK again someday.. will get latest updates about KK from you..

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