Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Langkawi

Yeah people!! We are going to Langkawi tomorrow night. If it was Tapai, he would announce his flight number and time of departure so that all his martial arts friends will come and say goodbye but in our case, you all dont have to struggle and waste money on fuel but it would be nice if you bank in some shopping money into my savings account :)

This time it's Wifey who's on business trip. She'll be working on Thursday (half day) and we'll have the rest of the day plus Friday for holidays!!! We'll be back just in time for Terawih prayers on Saturday evening.

Unlike our previous holiday in Sabah, we have no proper plan on where eat, what to visit and how much to spend. The only confirmed item is that we'll be sleeping in Grand Continental Hotel Langkawi. The rough plan is to rent a sports car since I couldnt afford one in KL, take a ride at the cable car and enjoy the underwater world. Other than that.. will be decided in Langkawi.

Hopefully we'll have a exciting trip and be back in one piece to blog about the trip!


myjulieyana said...

rumet, u better dont go to underwater world lah.. everything is above the water.. aku pegi 3 tahun lepas sama jek cam 10 tahun lepas.. dahla mahal.. buang duit.. baik bagi kat qz pi beli chinasilk.. hehehe..

hezz said...

yup true.. I think aquaria KLCC is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much better!!

yatipruzz said...

tp kan julie, rasanyer underwater world tu dah ade penguin..kot2 menarik?

**h** said...

makan kat wanthai laaaa.... hehehhehehe....
pastu bawak anak ko gi island hopping... gi tasik dayang bunting, bagi kaki ko kene geletek ngan ikan keli..
kabel car wajib ko pegi... errr lagi, nasib baik ko dah kawin dan pegi ngan qz... kot tak nnt jadi cam pelakon popular tuh.... ekekkekek

myjulieyana said...

oo ye ker yati? tak tahu plak.. hehe.. pegila island hopping.. dulu masa pegi tak ingat nak pegi island hopping.. rugi.. kalau rajin panjatla telaga tujuh.. best gaks tapi ngan baby, mcm tak sesuai jek.. sbb banyak monkeys around.. cable car a MUST..

**h**, wanthai tuh kat mana??

ayil said...

jom gi bandung!!
seriyes gile ni!!

myjulieyana said...

ayil jommmm!!! tiket kalau ada ko book aa.. kalau airasia ada murah aku on jer..

gi dalam bln 3 ker..

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