Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Travel Tips - Stroller

I'm too weak to blog about my birthday celebration.. been sick for the past few days. So I'll update on that later.. so this time I'll write on Travel Tips: With Rumet & QZ.

After the 2 holiday trips that we had this month, I've realized that if we are travelling with a baby, the stroller is a godsend. Many of us will say that they'll carry the baby most of the time, the stroller is a burden to carry on during trips and etc. But in my experience eventhough we might have to carry Arianna most of the time, the stroller is useful when she's asleep. Imagine having dinner by both of us eating at the same time while the baby is sleeping in the stroller. A dream come for most parents right?

The issue with taking the stroller on our holiday was how to carry it into the airplane. We've done our studies when we first bought the stroller. The salesguy told us that we can take the stroller into the boarding hall and as we reach the airplane's door, leave it to the stewardess to take care of the stroller. Never ever check-in the stroller with the luggage!

So on the 1st trip which was to Sabah, I have to carry the stroller without Arianna since wifey and Arianna were coming later. When I checked-in my luggage the person at the check-in counter insisted on me checking-in the stroller together with my luggage. I said no. She said they'll only allow us to bring the stroller into the boarding hall if there's a baby travelling in it. WTF? That was not stated anywhere in the picture where they put pictures of items that can or cannot be hand carried. So I asked her if I checked-in the stroller into the cargo, can they guarantee the safety of my stroller. She said, "I'm not sure, that one is up to the person who handle the cargo". What a stupid answer. She even tried to talk me out by saying that we had a few passengers checked-in the stroller and everything is fine. Yeah right! Like noboby knows that KLIA is the most famous airport for cases with luggage being opened by "we dunno who". That explains why there are a few bag wrapping service available in KLIA. And I've read somewhere that people prefer to fly from Singapore to any destination overseas. Back to the person behind the stroller story, I asked her what if I didn't check-in my stroller and walk into the boarding hall? She said, "You can take your chances with the security officers". Then I told her that I'll give it a try lah...

As I enter the entrance to the boarding hall, I asked the policeman can I bring my stroller with me inside? He said yes. To confirm with him,"Even without a baby travelling with me?". He answered,"Yes".
Conclusion: Stupid check-in personnel!

When I arrived at my boarding gate, the person who teared my boarding pass gave me a tag to put on to my stroller. Something like the picture below.

So as I arrived the airplane's door the stewardess told me to leave the stroller outside the door. When The flight landed, I just need to collect the stroller in front of the airplane door. As simple as that.

Well so far my experiences were with Malaysia Airlines. I'm sure any other high-cost carriers will have similar procedures on travelling with strollers. I'm not sure with the low-cost carriers though. Maybe we'll get to know on our next trip. Hopefully the next trip will be sometime when Arianna still needs the stroller lah..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Travel Langkawi - In A Nutshell

Im gonna be brief with this as I'm still a bit sleepy after waking up quite early for sahur plus Arianna decided to wake up a bit early than usual to play her golek-golek game.

Basically there's nothing much to tell on the trip this time. We stayed at Grand Continental Hotel, a 3 star hotel which Arianna didn't like (spoilt brat!). She kept on making noises, being cranky and grumpy until we took her out of the room, then she'll be quite. Some said that maybe she saw something that we, adults couldn't see. But my explaination was either she was afraid being left alone in the room if she was asleep or she was phobia with the bed since she fell from it on one of the nights.

We rented a new Nissan Sentra (mileage clocked at 11,000 km) for RM 180 for 3 days! Damn cheap compared to the car we rented in Kota Kinabalu. Tapi kuat minum minyak la!

Foods!! For dinner we ate at Wan Thai Restaurant (Kuah), Jai Cafe (Kuah) and Changloon Restaurant (Pantai Cenang). I wont waste my energy on telling all about these restaurants but one bakery cum restaurant cum cafe worth blogging in detail is The Loaf. The shop belongs to Dr. Mahathir, our ex Prime Minister. But I'll blog about it later.

It was a tiring trip as Arianna is becoming more demanding these days. Dia dah tanak dengan orang lain. Susah nak tido. Kena dukung selalu and etc.. Might be planning our next holiday trip when she can walk on her own.

Sight seeing.. The Cable Car. That's it. Will post more pictures of that later. I know if I elaborate more on this, I'll get a few "gayat" comments in my blog. So here let me confess... Yes I'm scared of height! Dun ask me why... dun judge me by asking, "cemana ko high jump dulu?", "naik flight tak takut pulak", "dulu kat rmc buat absiling and etc".

I'm brave enuff to say that I'm "gayat". But for these 2 people that claim that derang tak gayat... look at their faces people...

tak gayat konon..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Langkawi

Yeah people!! We are going to Langkawi tomorrow night. If it was Tapai, he would announce his flight number and time of departure so that all his martial arts friends will come and say goodbye but in our case, you all dont have to struggle and waste money on fuel but it would be nice if you bank in some shopping money into my savings account :)

This time it's Wifey who's on business trip. She'll be working on Thursday (half day) and we'll have the rest of the day plus Friday for holidays!!! We'll be back just in time for Terawih prayers on Saturday evening.

Unlike our previous holiday in Sabah, we have no proper plan on where eat, what to visit and how much to spend. The only confirmed item is that we'll be sleeping in Grand Continental Hotel Langkawi. The rough plan is to rent a sports car since I couldnt afford one in KL, take a ride at the cable car and enjoy the underwater world. Other than that.. will be decided in Langkawi.

Hopefully we'll have a exciting trip and be back in one piece to blog about the trip!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Travel Sabah - Last Day & Tapai's Departure

Last day in Sabah, it was on Sunday. Every Sunday there's this thing called Tamu Jalan Gaya (or was it Daya?). It was something like Pasar Malam in the day. There were stalls selling brooches, t-shirts, rabbits, cats, dogs, soya bean drink, pearls and etc. So that day we went there for window shopping. So I think that was about it on what we did in Sabah that day. Later we took the 3.45 pm flight back to KL and arrived KLIA just in time to say goodbye to Tapai who was leaving to Manchester.

So the usuals were there to bid farewell.

Ayil, Esah and Marisa..

Manja kan?

Arib and Dila (parents to be..)

Latest Daddy Ceng a.k.a Pengusaha Air Selusuh Bulu Tak Jadi (Scam ni!)

Farul, Jue and Alyya

Cipok, Rodek (Uncle Mok) and his girlfriend (sorry tak ingat nama..)

Arianna posing sedey saying Goodbye to Uncle Pai..

Travel Sabah - Day 3

It was a tiring day after the climb to Mt. Kinabalu the day before. Day 3 stared off with buffet breakfast as usual... except that it was quite a late breakfast. By the way, the buffet breakfast selections are quite good in Sutera Harbour. Mind you that we stayed at Magellan on the first night and continued our holiday at Pacific Sutera Harbour till the end of the vacation. If you ask wifey, she'll definitely say that the buffet at Magellan is better than Pacific. Cheese omelette dia lain la.. mushroom dia pakai dalam tin lahh..

After breakfast we went for a stroll at the resort's compound. Again mind you that my camera sometimes make human figures look bigger than the real thing in its pictures.

Arianna really look different in this picture huh?

After the morning stroll, we went back to the room and the 2 princess decided to sleep till 2.30pm!.. leaving me surfing the free internet in the room while transfering the pictures from the camera to the notebook. As planned the day before, we went to the Little Italy restaurant for late lunch. The restaurant is very popular according to friends in Semenanjung and reviews in the internet is very convincing. Well my comment is they do serve good meals, but the reviews do exaggerate a lot. Example here.

After lunch we head back to the hotel and just in time for swimming!!! Arianna really enjoyed the pool. She is a natural swimmer lah to me... but at one point we went overboard sampai tertelan air. Being a baby she didnt know how to react and there was a moment that she was choking and sort of couldnt breathe. Gila panik ayah die!!! Out of the pool and back in the bath tub for you Miss Arianna!

Day 3 was the last night we spend in Sabah. We couldnt miss the sunset view from the resort. Seriously the atmosphere was awesome!!

Silhoutte yang hampir jadi..

The night was concluded by having dinner at Port View Seafood Restaurant. As been told earlier Port View and Ocean is very similar but Port View caters for upper class customer. The selections are a bit less than Ocean, price is the same and the cooking is the same. If you ask me which one I prefer among the two, I'll choose Ocean Seafood. The comparison is like Nasi Kandar in KL... between Zainol Nasi Kandar and the Nasi Kandar food chain like Kayu,Pelita etc.. I'll choose Zainol. Same price, same selection, same cooking also maa...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travel Sabah - Day 2

Did I mention that we rented a Proton Waja on the first day? I collected the car at 7 pm and we went to Ocean Seafood right after that. The rental was RM184 for 24hours rent and that price is after 30% discount. We rented it from Hertz because of the "brand" hopefully if something bad happen I could get better support instead of renting a car from some friend of a taxi driver that is also working for a car rental company but its not the company's car kind of thing.

Penangan Ocean Seafood

So the morning of day 2, according to my plan we are supposed to leave for Mt. Kinabalu at 6.30am. But I think they had put something in the crab that made us wake up at 7.00am plus and it took the three of us 2 hours plus to get ready and have our breakfast.

So at 9.30am.. off we go to Mt. Kinabalu.

Wifey terpijak selut.
We bought Arianna a sweater since Mt. Kinabalu is supposed to be cold. But it took us 2 hours drive to realize that Genting Highland is much colder than this Kundasang.

They charged us RM3.00 per head (for adult) to enter the Mt. Kinabalu Park. It was the entrance for those who wanted to climb the mountain using the Mesilau track.

Then they charged us another RM4.00 per head to enter the Mt.Kinabalu Botanical Garden. My comment of this garden is... its nothing lah! The flower above is everywhere and thats the only thing there! The garden is only 20 minutes walk and I wont go there again even if they pay me RM10 per minute I spend time in that garden. So for those of you who has this place as their "must visit spot before they die", just scrap it lah!

We were already exhausted when we went out of Kinabalu Park. But in my plan there's still Poring Hot Spring, canopy walk and butterfly farm to visit in Poring. Since we don't know when will be the next time to Sabah, we continue on with the plan. Poring is another 45 minutes drive from Mt. Kinabalu Park.

We arrived Poring at about 1.30pm and to summarize the event in Poring in one paragraph, we had lunch, to a dip in the hot spring and took off. The hot spring is so refreshing. We rented a private room with hot spring jacuzzi which costs RM20 per hour. The funny part of the jacuzzi is that we can control the temperature of the hot spring water.... ada dua tap.. blue and red. Haha.. The hot spring is worth the visit... boleh pergi lagi... but bring your own towels as they do not provide free towels for the visitors.

We left Poring at about 4.30 pm... to catch the time to return the rented car.

Day 2 dinner is escorted by Dana, wifey's TKC friend. We went to Little Italy Restaurant but the place was packed with people. Kena queue... So we went to Anjung Selera at Likas for malay style seafood dinner. My comment about the place is... it sucks!!! The service was really bad. It took them more than one hour to prepare the food. There's not many choices of seafoods. All the available fish was big! Too big for 3 person punya meal! And I am not going there again!!!

So we'll try the Little Italy tommorrow....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Travel Sabah - Day 1

First day started by Wifey and Arianna waking up at 8 o'clock at Deleeton Hotel. Deleeton Hotel is a1 star hotel located across Centre Point. Its a famous hotel among my colleagues. Its "cheap", near a shopping complex, there's a 24-hours restaurant on the ground floor and recently they even have Astro.

For breakfast, we had milk/chocolate tea with pudding and garlic/tuna toast at YoYo Cafe. YoYo is pronounced youyou/yuyu according to Sabrina the Tapai's girlfriend (i never thought that i'll use that word for Tapai).

Next..check in to a 5 star resort - The Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort. We got the sea view deluxe room with....king size bed.



Nice bathroom. Can u roughly guess the design of the bathroom by looking at this picture?

The main event in Arianna's life after the flight was her being thrown into the swimming pool. Since I dun feel safe bringing my camera to the swimming pool, here is a shot of Arianna in the bath tub. As of that day, Arianna is certified with "Not Scared Of Water".. unlike her uncle Kim or Uncle Ayil.

Dinner - Mandatory Seafood Dinner! Although Sabah is well known for cheap seafood, after a few chats with taxi drivers there's less than 7 spots for seafood lovers.

1) Ocean Seafood in town
2) Port View Seafood in town
3) Grand Port View Seafood in town
4) Garden Seafood at Tanjung Aru
5) Kampung Nelayan 20 minutes drive from town
6) Anjung Selera at Likas

The 1st three restautants were owned by the same owner, but now Ocean Seafood has gone its own way. The 1st night we went to Ocean Seafood.

Look at the selections.

Tanks full of lobsters and mantis prawns.

Coconut Crab .. guess how much is it?? RM230 per KG!!!!!!
Good nite!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Sabah!

Yesterday morning I boarded myself to Kota Kinabalu on business trip. Yeah... business trip sounds much better for my ego. My trip involves only 2 sites. One in Sandakan and the other is in Tawau. Im blogging this in Tawau at 4.23p.m while waiting for my flight back to KK which is at 9.15pm! As far as work is concerned, my job at these 2 sites took me a total of less than 1 hour to complete but in my schedule that I submitted to request for flight ticket, i needed 4 days to get the job done.

But being a loyal trustworthy staff in my lovely company, officially I'm taking leave for tomorrow and Friday. I'm gonna stay on until Sunday in KK and wifey & Arianna will be coming to KK tonite to join me! So this will be the first official holiday (semi official for me) for the three of us since .... Arianna came to the world and took over my blog. Yeah there was a trip before to Port Dickson but that was an unofficial lousy holiday since wifey and I were on duty during that weekend.

So we will be staying at Sutera Harbour Resort KK. On Thursday we will enjoy the facilities at the hotel. In the evening we will collect our rented car and have seafood dinner somewhere in KK. Friday we'll take a drive to Mesilau Nature Park, Poring Hot Spring, Butterfly Farm and etc. Dinner that day might be accompanied by Dana... wifey's TKC schoolmate. Saturday will be reserved for island hopping at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park... Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamuntik and 2 other islands. Dinner on Saturday might be at Sutera Harbour or Italian dinner somewhere that wifey recommends. Sunday balik! Thats the plan at least!!!

By having this cuti-cuti malaysia we'll miss a few events in KL.

1) Our company's family day... i was an ex-committee for that event.
2) Shodi's and Nurel's wedding.... free food!!!!
3) Tapai's departure to Manchester... maybe miss laa.

What was I thinking huh? Missing all these "might win a lucky draw" and free food events for a holiday which I actually couldnt really afford. Well I quote Julie in her blog..."Mamposs!!".

Actually I'll be missing something important in Arianna's life in this trip.... her first experience flying MAS... or any airplane pun!!! So it'll be an honour for wifey to accompany Arianna all by herself... more of a challenge huh? Dunno about wifey... but when we broke the news to Arianna on travelling by flight...

yeaaahhhh naik kapal terbang!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Everything Goes Inside The Mouth

At this point of age, people dont trust their eyes, ears and nose that much. Every single item that they can get their hands on... must be tested, examined and verified by the their most trustworthy organ.. their mouth!

Full determination!

This is a tough one!

I've blogged about this before right?

Pandai tidur sendiri dah.... pandai pegang botol sendiri.

Friday, September 01, 2006

HP Birthday Ayil!

31st August in my diary is not so much of our Independence Day. I dont go and witness the firewoks every year, instead I look forward for Ayil's phone call to invite me to his birthday celebration. During our studying years, Ayil's birthday is the best birthday celebration. His parents will allocate one table for Ayils' friends at Sheraton Subang! Hahah... gila melantak oyster!!

Since we start working, somehow the offer is not forwarded to us anymore. Last nite Ayil invited us to his house for dinner. (Gilerr tader idea nak tulis!)

The host

Uncle Pai & Uncle Mok

Pembekal Air Selusuh Bulu & Isteri

Takde gambar Arianna kat rumah Ayil. So these were taken on 26th August 2006. Again these shots were taken to ambil hati Mak Ngah Zarina for the "ESPRIT" that she gave Arianna.

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