Monday, August 28, 2006

Tuna Aquaculture Diver

Last weekend made me think that the world is moving a bit faster than usual lately (ahah.. try to beat that Master SN!). If Im not mistaken, there's a few events that I didnt update here as I was busy updating on the growth of Arianna.

Among the events were:

1) Ceng quit his old job to become a recruit in a flying academy to pursue his dreams to become a pilot.
2) Ayil quit his old job and join an Oil company and earn double than what he was earning before.
3) Tapai is back in the dating life. That explains the frequent trips to our old Uni to practice "silat".
4) Ayil quit his current job to join "happy" and expected to earn much much more than what he is currently earning.
5) Along is counting her days to become a mother. The baby is 35 weeks old inside. Up till today, none of Cengs' classmates know that Ceng is married.
6) On of our officemate/unimate slept in jail for one night, convicted for stealing a handphone. FYI he owns an O2 mini.
7) Tapai is leaving to pursue his dreams to study overseas. He is due to fly to Manchester in less than 2 weeks time.

Last Saturday, the snooker buddies and spouses/"girlfriend" had lunch at Little Penang, The Curve. As usual the hand gestures to signal our plan to play snooker without the knowledge of our other half were flying around. It was then when I realized that that might be our last time justifying ourselves to play snooker to our wives. Tapai would be away for one year and Ceng would be busy adapting himself with the new "Dads" title. I dunno whether Ayil would be busy or not as I assume he wont be getting big paycheck for doing something that I do right?

Hmm.. that leaves me being standstill a.k.a stuck a.k.a idle with my current lousy boring job. If my boss or anyone at the top management of the company is reading this... yeah you read that right. Im bored with my current job. Its too bloody easy. I've been doing it for 4 fucking years and by you giving me a labelling machine and a bag of tools full of screwdrivers, soldering iron, few types of wire cutters is not what they in the outer world call CAREER ADVANCEMENT. What do you expect me to do? Say thank you for the tools and work harder??

Huh! Nowadays my daily routine at work is browsing And to my surprise, I found my dream job.The requirements:

Our client requires the services of highly motivated, young Malaysian men (under 35 years) as professional tuna aquaculture divers.Professional tuna aquaculture divers live an exciting but demanding life. They are paid well, but earn it. This is not a job for boys. There are very few who can meet the physical and mental challenges of this responsible job. If you are a successful candidate, you will become lean and serious. You will be required to go to sea for long periods, and your skin will probably become leathery from sun and salt. Are you up to it?You will also become one of a select team, many of whom will become your closest friends. Your life will depend on them, and theirs on you.Tuna aquaculture divers are required to assemble and maintain fish towing and grow-out cages, in all weather, many miles to sea. They are trained to assess catch tonnage and quality, work with underwater cameras, release sharks and other endangered species, harvest tuna by hand, remove dead fish, and repair nets underwater. They are also trained to respond to piracy and other emergencies at sea.Successful candidates will be intelligent, physically fit, and prepared to serve at sea for many weeks, several times each year. Prior diving qualifications and experience will be an advantage but are not necessary. Fluent spoken English is essential. Professional diving qualification training will be done over a period of two months in Tasmania, Australia. Diving School graduates will continue to enjoy opportunities for professional advancement.

Hmm.. go to hell CCNP!!

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SME ® said...

better give a try.

but be careful with the term "your skin will probably become leathery from sun and salt."
wooo sounds horrible.

nanti arianna dah tak kenai pak dia

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