Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time Likes Flying

Since I can hardly update this blog every week, I'll be updating series of events that happened this August.

30th July: Wifey went to Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang for 3 nights. Leaving me to take care of Arianna. She left her sweater/t-shirt to accompany Arianna to sleep (pesan org dulu-dulu ni. Tinggal baju tak basuh... so that baby boleh bau). But since modern babies nowadays are more more smarter (unlike us), Arianna didnt need the piece of clothing to help her sleep. The picture was captured with Arianna sleeping with the brown t-shirt is for show only. Nak ambik hati Ibu Arianna :)

2nd August: The day Wifey came back from her 4 days trip. Arianna's long hair forced her Opah to get her hair clips. She started wearing it since 1st of August. So technically Ibu missed Arianna's first day wearing hair clip.

3rd August: Arianna was given the privilege to consume solid food. Ibu bought her Farley Rusk since Ibu was not working that day. Travelling day they call it!

Arianna seems to enjoy her 1st solid meal. She finished one whole biscuit that day. Now Ibu dah start bersemangat nak masak baby's food. Too bad, gas kat rumah habess!!!

7th August: Arianna is not feeling well until today. She's coughing and sneezing. The sad part is she got it from Ayah :(
Hmm... she's very weak, not as playful as usual and easily irritated. The cute part is after she cough, dah pandai "Ehem". But we dont want/need that kind of "cute" do we? Maybe Mr/Ms Anonymous can answer that for me.


nurulqz said...

hati ibu terambil :P

hezz said...

hati ibu terambil tu apa qz? hahaha.. alahai.. berkerut kerut plak si arianna ni.. ni rumetlaa ni bagi dia pk masalah negara byk sgt! ahahahha

Tkcian 9498 said...

hai..your daughter is so cute n looks exactly like you..n qz is looking good too for a mum..haha.Congratulations.May Allah Shower your litle family with lots of blessings n happiness!

nurulqz said...

hati ibu terambil tuh because this blog entry kan meant to ambil hati ibu. Isshh.. nih comprehension fail nih. heh


Thanx for ur well wishes. Love it when org kate arianna looks like me...ngengenge

shikeenn said...

Hmm betul la time's flying..cepat dah besar anak korang ni... and she's soo comellnyerr..
Send my kiss to Arianna!
Tanak tambah baby laki lak ker?? kali nih ikut QZ lak. Baby girl ikut ayah and baby boy ikut ibu org tua2 ckp sejukk..baik utk kesihatan muahaha

hezz said...

ikut azril qz..masih ikut azril lagi.. hahahahha! :p

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