Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Wifey a.k.a Ibu

Sorry for the late update. Since you left me to look after Arianna all by myself while you go and find some food for us in the east coast, I didn't have much time to spend in front of the PC.

So all of us hope that you've enjoyed the birthday celebration. The dinner at Fasta Pasta sponsored by Daddy.

By the way the pictures were captured using Daddy's new Sony T-30. Which Mummy gave for Father's Day.

Hope you enjoyed the birthday present cum birthday card :). Try to top that on my birthday ya!!

Last but not least, Arianna would like to wish you Happy Birthday herself:


hezz said...

ahahahha ni ikut sapa lak nih? gila flexible anak korang.. boleh ganti durratun nashihin pi commonwealth games! hahahah

robotix said...

seems like she got foot fetish..

ephol said...

hahhahaha arianna sama macam huda.... ekekekkekeee

p/s : kalo ikut kata org tua, apa maksud kalo budak kecik isap jari kaki ek...??? ekekkeke

Anonymous said...

I don't know..my imagination is running wild. The first pic is like QZ holding Azril. Tapi,Azril the baby girl version-lah. Hehe. Sorry Azril, if u feel offended by my imagination. :p
Yelaa..I heard sumethin about babies sucking their toes. Baby tu nak dapat adik. True or not, we wait and see...hmmmmm..

ragsy937 said...

Qz cam biasa.. senyum default.. haha!

m|ss v|xen said...

nnt kite pakaikan marisa n arianna baju tido ladybird tuh skali oke!! and take this picsss

myjulieyana said...

QZ, again, happy birthday! lawakla Tapai kata ko buat senyum default.. hehe.. tapi mmg default pon.. hehe

Arianna mcm cool baby la.. ala2 macam rumet buat muka blurr.. comey.. (but not rumet tau, arianna jer)

rumet said...

aku buat muka blurrr? mane pernah oi!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
myjulieyana said...

jahat aar anonymous nih.. all babies are comel per.. gile jahat aa ko nih..

rumet, ko tak buat sbb ko mmg blurr.. zaman dolu2.. huhu

rumet said...

sorry i have to delete the anonymous comment. somehow he/she should receive a "duuhhhh" response!
even i can say that i've seen cuter baby compared to brad pitt's or tom cruise's baby.

p/s: too bad i have to disable anonymous comments after this :(

nurulqz said...


We were once that flexible. hahah cam tak caye..

Mr. Robotix,

All of us had foot fetish jugak..hahaha



anonymous aka mueya,

Thanx for the wish. wheres my bday lunch?????


iyolah.. nak senyum lagu mana lagi?
ko jeles eh u dont have one? heheheh


marissa pon ade baju tuh? to tell u the truth i dont quite like that baju .. tapi sbb org bagi and my maid likes it! Since die in charge ape baju arianna pakai petang 2, slalu jugak laa that poor kid dressed in hideous spots. Tapi apologies kalau ko suke baju tuh eh?


Thanx for wishing..I know ur bday pon baru lepas. and qz jahat sbb x sempat nak wish. Been very bz lately... ngan outstation n rumet dok amik exam... i know the husbands of july bday wives ( including esah) are "trying very hard" to organize a birthday dinner at God knows where and when. Kita tunggu dan berlapar je laa till then.

Anyway.. HAPPY BELATED BDAY JULIE!!! Semoga panjang umur, sihat dan murah rezeki.

P/S: Anak aku mmg cute giler.. if u ask me! Duhhhhh

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nurulqz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hezz said...

cutelaa anak qz ngan rumet nih.. sapa kata tak cute? huh? huh? sapa kata tak cute dia jealous laaa tu!!

the ayil said...

happy belated bday QZ! haha
cam biase aa lambat wish
kalo cepat lak tapai terase

mmg sriyes muke anak rumet macam muke rumet! cube compare perut lak..

mak ngah zarina said...

i had tears in my eyes looking at all the pictures and video. i miss arianna so much right now.. it's amazing how much i could love someone before i met her... baby arianna, mak ngah miss you a lot. i wish not to miss a thing... =(

cat said...

cutenyer arianna... boleh isap kaki dah..

btw, happy VERY belated birthday QZ!

nurulqz said...

Thanx cat! Hows ur son? Buleh isap ape dah.. other than the obvious!

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