Monday, June 12, 2006

Tired of Kissing Your Supervisor's Ass? Marry him!

Congrats to Arib and Dila. At last you two decided to expand the glory of the "same office" couple to Cyberjaya.Initially the plan was to have a gathering at Cherating since Arib's function was to be held in Pekan, Pahang. Everybody agreed and being staffs of TM Group, we thought of going to Impiana Resort Cherating.

Somehow a few weeks before the particular weekend, some of us backed off. Wifey had the feeling that its not adviseable for Arianna to go to a beach resort. She heard stories that Impiana Resort is haunted. Well.. who can argue with mother's instinct right?

Tapai was called up to become the bestman for his friend, Ekang. (Ekang is my schoolmate too lah doii!). Ayil was to celebrate his new employment at Shell by having a vacation in Bandung.

So the people who went to Arib's function were Farul,Jue,Alyya,Cipok,Ajon, Punz and Zaki.

These pictures were captured on the 28th May 2006. I felt bad for being unable to attend to Arib's function, so I took a drive all by myself to Dila's function that particular Sunday. Ate my nasik kenduri alone far away from the main table where Gorgom (Arib's Bestman) was enjoying the best dishes of the day.

Haha... rajin gile aku nak pegi Ayer Hitam tu sorang-sorang nak makan kenduri! Aku boleh claim laa oi!!!! I was to do some installation works at INTAN Kluang that day. The whole trip was sponsored by my company. The best part is, I stayed at INTAN Kluang for 3 nights for free. Government bayar ni!! Siap makan free 6 kali sehari oi!!!!

For those who had to drive to Kuantan, payed the toll, paid for the bed at Shahzan Inn... I pity you all. Losers!!!



SME ® said...

3 saman sure menanti ko sbb speeding

myjulieyana said...

tak tahu pon arib kawen..

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