Friday, June 30, 2006


According to medical researches, babies should recognize their own hands by the age of 3 months. In order to qualify us as good parents, its our obligation to take off the baby's mittens by that age. So here you go!

Apart from the ability to grip, among the first thing that Arianna discovered was the skill of finger sucking. Up till now, we are still unable to determine which finger is her favourite as she's still trying to swallow the whole hand.

The downside of this mittens-off scenario is that Arianna to "cakar" herself. One morning we woke up and found out that there's a bleeding scratch on Arianna's chin.. right below her lips. But that wasn't her doing. Ibu yang buat!

Recently we woke up and Ibu's forehead was scratched! Arianna got her revenge allright..

With her new hobby of finger sucking, she tends to cry for no reason (to us)... Actually she did not know how to control her sucking that she accidentally bleed her own sky-sky.

Ibu said that this finger sucking habit is genetically from me.

Mestilah! Anak Ayah kan???!! :))


Mak Ngah Jena said...

abang! she has brown hair!!!! just like her irish mak ngah!!!

m|ss v|xen said...

if im not mistaken.. according to her ibu, sbb lighting rambut dier perang.. tp sian laa makngah dier ehheheheh :D

now nampak muka rumet.. blurrrrrrrrrrr

ragsy937 said...

Muka RUmet biar la blur.. biarkan jek.. weh.. sky-sky? ahhahahahaha... buat malu Qz jek la ko nieh.. hahah

rumet said...

in english langit-langit mmg derang panggil sky-sky laaa....

ayil said...

isk manede muke rumet

tp die ngigau sbijik cam ayah die!

hezz said...

dah besar arianna..pretty gurl dah..

ayu aka mrs malfin said...

arianna comel..x saba nak tunggu baby aunty besar.=)

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