Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy 23rd Birthday Tapai!

To make up for my forgetful mind, I'm wishing Tapai a Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry for not organizing anything to celebrate it on the day itself, but Im sure we can work something out this weekend. How about we treat you for lunch at Dewan SUK Shah Alam this coming Sunday? Everything on us!!

Quote from Tapai's blog:
"Anyways, i'd expect nothing much from today. I'd expect that as you grow older, your birthday will become more meaningless. Haih.. missed those hoya-hoya days. I guess when you do sumthing, you shouldn't expect the same thing back. Just be sincere. Betul tak Cipok?"

Just to cheer you up, I dug out my nearly corrupted harddisk to look for how did we celebrate your birthday during the old hoya-hoya days.

Three years ago, we celebrated your birthday at Seoul Restaurant at Plaza Pantai. As you can see we bought you a present. If Im not mistaken, it was a basket ball. Look at those happy go lucky young skinny faces. Ignore the guy in red, he ate too much fishballs that night.

I would love to say that that year Ayil posed like this in all his photos, but sadly he still maintains that smile up till today.
That year we managed to get our friend to join us celebrate your birthday. If Im not mistaken, his name is Jasmy. Last I heard, he's now working in one of the successful R&D company in the country. Successful in what.. I dare not discuss it in this blog.

Did I mention that Ayil and Esah were dating that year. They finnaly got married in year 2004. They got married on Ceng's birthday which is 5th August (haha.. ingat pulak!). Again, please excuse the guy in red, especially his film camera. I wonder who still uses that kind of camera these days.

You and Esah are good friends, that explains why you sat next to her that night. Look how happy you are that night, even without a girlfriend (or a boyfriend in your case) accompanying you that night. With friends like us, who needs a boyfriend right Tapai?

Just to prove my point.

I wonder why you had to sit beside Ceng that night, but I guess the holding hands story could explain it all right? Im so sorry Tapai for my lack of skills in Photoshop. If not I would get rid of the annoying figure in red.

Lastly I would like to wish you Happy Belated Birthday!

p/s: I told you many times already Tapai, now its up to you to gather the the hoya-hoyaians for this kind of events. If the guy in red can organize a bowling game gathering to celebrate his birthday, what a single guy like you can't organize right?


m|ss v|xen said...

u forgot to mention that yr qz is still wearing braces and what happened to your red evil eyes hehehe

i would like to qoute from a friend of whom i accidentally slip my mind about his birthday yesterday, he said something like this :
" takkan aa birthday aku.. aku yg plan.. dulu hoya2 ader derg yg plan.. tgk time bday farul.. org lain plan gak tuk birthday dier.. so birthday aku korg aa plan.. kalau tak aku majuk.. nak pizza hut!"

so to pujuk this crybaby, i said something like this:
" okelah.. kite buat potluck.. tp kat umah ko next weekend.. ko sound aa sumeorg..and no snooker for this weekend as kiteorg bz ngan wedding"

the crybaby replied:
" takkan aku plak sound.. dah ler birthday aku.. "

so yeah.. i did some planning with this guy, so those who would like to attend this guy bday party, tentatively its gonna be at his PARENTS house in subang, on saturday.. time to be discussed in detail.

Sekian , Wassalam

p/s- kurus rupenyer ayil nih hehehehehe

nurulqz said...

X boley.!!!!! Sunday boley... sorry taps.. aku ingat ... but did nothing to remind my forgetful hubby (maybe I did it intentionally knowing the outcome hahahahah).

Happy bday taps!no belated here coz aku ingat!

robotix said...

aaahhh.. nothing like remembering the old days..

Hepi besday Taps..

hezz said...

Eh naper 23rd birthday pulak? ehehehe.. Happy Bday Tapai!

Farul said...

maybe someone spilled something into my drink that night. yes, that might be it.

ragsy937 said...

Hehe.. thanx rumet.. tapi sure sumer org down gile sebab dah gemuk.. hahaha..

Tapi aku rasa aku silap tulis kot.. koz sebenarnyer what i meant by meaningless tu bukannye apa.. tapi aku sendiri pon tak rasa nak celebrate sangat. Time dulu, tatau apsal, sure aku excited gile time birthday.

My theory was the hoya-hoya group.

Apa-apa pun ,aku teringat Ayah aku ckp, these past few years, ni diri sendiri pon tak ingat birthday diri sendiri, tau tau dah lepas (or maybe ayah2 lain pon sama?). Some how it made me think.. "Alamak.. aku dah sampai age tu ke?" Heheh..

Demit.. suku abad. Ko pon tak lama lagi.. Haha! cayalah!

p/s: farul mmg gila. Tolong la belajar photoshop pas tu buang. Btw, camera tu buleh buat antique tu. Haha

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