Friday, June 30, 2006


According to medical researches, babies should recognize their own hands by the age of 3 months. In order to qualify us as good parents, its our obligation to take off the baby's mittens by that age. So here you go!

Apart from the ability to grip, among the first thing that Arianna discovered was the skill of finger sucking. Up till now, we are still unable to determine which finger is her favourite as she's still trying to swallow the whole hand.

The downside of this mittens-off scenario is that Arianna to "cakar" herself. One morning we woke up and found out that there's a bleeding scratch on Arianna's chin.. right below her lips. But that wasn't her doing. Ibu yang buat!

Recently we woke up and Ibu's forehead was scratched! Arianna got her revenge allright..

With her new hobby of finger sucking, she tends to cry for no reason (to us)... Actually she did not know how to control her sucking that she accidentally bleed her own sky-sky.

Ibu said that this finger sucking habit is genetically from me.

Mestilah! Anak Ayah kan???!! :))

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy 23rd Birthday Tapai!

To make up for my forgetful mind, I'm wishing Tapai a Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry for not organizing anything to celebrate it on the day itself, but Im sure we can work something out this weekend. How about we treat you for lunch at Dewan SUK Shah Alam this coming Sunday? Everything on us!!

Quote from Tapai's blog:
"Anyways, i'd expect nothing much from today. I'd expect that as you grow older, your birthday will become more meaningless. Haih.. missed those hoya-hoya days. I guess when you do sumthing, you shouldn't expect the same thing back. Just be sincere. Betul tak Cipok?"

Just to cheer you up, I dug out my nearly corrupted harddisk to look for how did we celebrate your birthday during the old hoya-hoya days.

Three years ago, we celebrated your birthday at Seoul Restaurant at Plaza Pantai. As you can see we bought you a present. If Im not mistaken, it was a basket ball. Look at those happy go lucky young skinny faces. Ignore the guy in red, he ate too much fishballs that night.

I would love to say that that year Ayil posed like this in all his photos, but sadly he still maintains that smile up till today.
That year we managed to get our friend to join us celebrate your birthday. If Im not mistaken, his name is Jasmy. Last I heard, he's now working in one of the successful R&D company in the country. Successful in what.. I dare not discuss it in this blog.

Did I mention that Ayil and Esah were dating that year. They finnaly got married in year 2004. They got married on Ceng's birthday which is 5th August (haha.. ingat pulak!). Again, please excuse the guy in red, especially his film camera. I wonder who still uses that kind of camera these days.

You and Esah are good friends, that explains why you sat next to her that night. Look how happy you are that night, even without a girlfriend (or a boyfriend in your case) accompanying you that night. With friends like us, who needs a boyfriend right Tapai?

Just to prove my point.

I wonder why you had to sit beside Ceng that night, but I guess the holding hands story could explain it all right? Im so sorry Tapai for my lack of skills in Photoshop. If not I would get rid of the annoying figure in red.

Lastly I would like to wish you Happy Belated Birthday!

p/s: I told you many times already Tapai, now its up to you to gather the the hoya-hoyaians for this kind of events. If the guy in red can organize a bowling game gathering to celebrate his birthday, what a single guy like you can't organize right?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Auntie Mueya's Gift From U.K

Early sign of a spoilt brat?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tired of Kissing Your Supervisor's Ass? Marry him!

Congrats to Arib and Dila. At last you two decided to expand the glory of the "same office" couple to Cyberjaya.Initially the plan was to have a gathering at Cherating since Arib's function was to be held in Pekan, Pahang. Everybody agreed and being staffs of TM Group, we thought of going to Impiana Resort Cherating.

Somehow a few weeks before the particular weekend, some of us backed off. Wifey had the feeling that its not adviseable for Arianna to go to a beach resort. She heard stories that Impiana Resort is haunted. Well.. who can argue with mother's instinct right?

Tapai was called up to become the bestman for his friend, Ekang. (Ekang is my schoolmate too lah doii!). Ayil was to celebrate his new employment at Shell by having a vacation in Bandung.

So the people who went to Arib's function were Farul,Jue,Alyya,Cipok,Ajon, Punz and Zaki.

These pictures were captured on the 28th May 2006. I felt bad for being unable to attend to Arib's function, so I took a drive all by myself to Dila's function that particular Sunday. Ate my nasik kenduri alone far away from the main table where Gorgom (Arib's Bestman) was enjoying the best dishes of the day.

Haha... rajin gile aku nak pegi Ayer Hitam tu sorang-sorang nak makan kenduri! Aku boleh claim laa oi!!!! I was to do some installation works at INTAN Kluang that day. The whole trip was sponsored by my company. The best part is, I stayed at INTAN Kluang for 3 nights for free. Government bayar ni!! Siap makan free 6 kali sehari oi!!!!

For those who had to drive to Kuantan, payed the toll, paid for the bed at Shahzan Inn... I pity you all. Losers!!!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dib's Wedding 30th April 2006

Congrats Dib & Zain!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Blom boleh meniarap sendiri lagi. Ini Ibu Arianna yang assist!

Picture taken 3rd May 2006.

Outfit From Down Below

Present from Mak Ngah Zarina. Pictures were taken on the 29th April 2006. Today, Arianna cant fit into those anymore.

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