Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Precious

Since we moved in to wifey's parents place, I lost contact with Blogger. Come to think of it, if there were internet connection in that house pon.., I wont be updating this blog. I went to sleep as soon as I reach the bedroom for the last two nights.

Publishing my posts from the office is hopeless. But I'm trying it again and again anyway!!

The picture above shows how rebellious Arianna is with her mittens. And her bedung as well. Her grandma is very strict about her bedung. Tanak kasik Arianna kengkang bile besar nanti. I just can imagine how uncomfortable it is being wrapped tightly with a piece of blanket. Being a sympathatic father, I usually loosen the wrap whenever I change her diapers. I know her grandma meant well and I support this bedung idea very much.. just I hope that it is being practiced when I'm not at home lah..


myjulieyana said...

rumet.. dulu julie bedung Aisya from waist downwards je.. tangan tak bedung pon.. sbb kesian dia nak bergerak2.. sebenarnya bedung tu pon tanak bagi baby mudah terkejut bila bising2.. tapi tgk harituh Arianna bukan jenis senang terkejut pon kan? mitten tuh tanak bagi dia cakar2 muka dia jek.. nanti dah 3-4 months, tak pakai pon takpe..

myjulieyana said...

betul cakap mak qz tuh.. bedung pon tanak bagi dia kengkang nanti besar.. lagipon pakai pampers kan buat dia nye kaki tak rapat.. so, carikla pampers yg slim sket.. utk newborn, try Fitti NB.. the smallest so far kot..

m|ss v|xen said...

bedung bedunngg.. besides tanak kengkang.. skin dier pun still nipis u noe.. so dier sejuk nnt.. dier biasa dok dlm womb kan all heat up.. so bile kuar nih temperature dier lain.. mak aku dulu marahh kalau tak bedung marisa.. skin nipis n all.. sejuk.. tak sama cam kite.. endlesss ramblingssss 8(

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