Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Latest Photography Purchase

Its a book! It was an impluse shopping actually. I browsed through Amazon.com one day and suddenly made the purchase.

Very happy with the service because they estimated that the book will arrived between the 2oth and 30th of March but it came in today!

Second reason to be happy is that I got this book slightly cheaper compared to buying it at our local bookstores. I checked at Konikuniya.com and the price is RM168. I got it for slightly below RM150... including shipping!

I guess this book will occupy my time in Cheras (the place where Astro and Internet could not reach) for the next two months. Together with the Half-Blood Prince book....


ragsy937 said...

What about your latest Pronography purchase? :P

ragsy937 said...

Demit... Pornography Purchase.

chi said...

kena import duty x?

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