Sunday, March 12, 2006

Less than 3 days to go

Warghh!! Last Friday, the doctor said "if the baby is not out by monday, come back tuesday morning.. we'll take her out"! If you people are reading this on Monday, that(s) mean(s) that it's 1 day to go! Hahaha ntah ape2 ntah....

Am I ready to become a father? Dah hafal ke azan/iqamat nak baca kat anak nanti? Dah practice cemana nak sembelih kambing ke untuk aqiqah nanti? Am I ready to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and leave home by 6.30 so that I can reach office by 8.30? Haha

As for now, all those readiness issues I put it at KIV. I'm so excited to have a baby and I hope everything is gonna be okay this tuesday. Hope that the baby comes out alright and the mother is well and healthy. This is where the prayers from all of you are very much appreciated. Especially from the Haji and Hajjah!!! Hehehe

For the experienced mothers out there, your tips and advis(c)es all these while surely will be benefitted by wifey :).

Well Im too excited as I've already taken leave since last friday and one whole week off next week. Insya Allah I'll update you all by SMS this tuesday.

btw julie, whats your handphone number huh? and for those of you that would want regular updates on the delivery, SMS ON MELETUP and send it to 1244526554 (dechiper -1).

take care people...



myjulieyana said...

dem rumet takde nombor aku - 0133943452.. btw, apa nombor ko ye? haha.. aku slalu borak ngan qz jek.. jgn lupe sms aku!! suke nak tgk baby!

and if you/qz need tips on anything.. just ring me ok? i'm a bit used to be consultant.. (at least i've motivated Gna to fully breastfeed her baby =)

sue said...

congrates congrates.. update lah. ;).. dgn gambar skali

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