Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy One Week Delivery Anniversary to Arianna & Wifey

On this day last week wifey was struggling with her life to give birth to our 1st child. When I say 1st that means more are coming... insya Allah :)It has been an exciting and full of enjoyment week for me. If I am able to say something like that, imagine what wifey could say about it. She has been carrying Arianna inside her for 40 weeks which was full of loya-ness, tiredness, bone cracking and etc. She had suffer a few hours of unbearable pain during labour. But I'm very sure after seeing Arianna, she could easily forget all that.Today I wanna share some pictures during the Kenduri Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul for Arianna which was held on the 19th March 2006 = 5 days old.

The princess getting ready. Cantik kan baju tu?
The buaian or we call it swing in broken English.
Auntie Dah - The baby bearer
The Ibu. Nak jugak menyelit kat function Arianna. Pantang mane boleh turun bawah laaa...
Untie Lin.. berat ke buah kelapa tu??
Cukur jambul by Nenek.
Tok pulak.
Opah pun nak cukur jugak.
Tok Wan Arianna.
In the swing. Surprisingly Arianna behaved very well that day. Good girl!
Ibu, Pak Su and Mutalib's Mother...
Tengok tangan Arianna. Hehe, nobody is gonna bedung anak ayah on her special day!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of beautiful Arianna! :) She looks so cute and the swing is gorgeous. Kem salam to QZ and wishing you both all the best as new parents.
-cat@k3na and amin-

furbycutee said...

cantik giler buaian tu :D

Anonymous said...

congrats to both of you...comel Arianna ni...btw nama anak kita sama la pulak :)

rumet said...

azrin mane eh?

catz said...

congrats met & qz.

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