Sunday, March 05, 2006

Biodegradable Plastics

Do you know that Malaysia has been producing this type of plastic all this while? I bet non of us has seen this type of plastic. Biodegradable plastic is made of plant-based polymer. Its much better than the traditional plastic due to the "enviroment friendly" characteristics. Malaysia is producing biodegradable plastics using starch polymer. What type of starch? Tapioca starch! Its weird right when we produce this type of plastic but we never knew how it looks like. It seems that our export market is much better than our local market for this type of plastics.

When the price of fuel raise, we blame the government. But we as consumers still support the industry. We prefer the traditional plastics which is made of petroleum polymer!

How come Rumet is so interested in plastics? Actually I'm interested in the Ladang Ubi Kayu. My favourite TV shows are Agrotek (Saturday 5:30pm, TV1) and Agro Jurnal (Sunday 5:30pm, TV1). Maybe its the farmer's blood that's flowing in my veins lah..

I missed last Saturday Agrotek. Was busy painting my living room "feature wall" yellow. Actually my bro Rizal does most of the painting job.

Apparently 1 litre of paint is not enough for our feature wall. But it was a good decision to try out with 1 litre first since now wifey is having a tough time liking that yellow wall. At first she was thinking of green but at the hardware store she suddenly typed in the yellow code.

Nice toolbox huh? Wifey gave it to me. So that I can keep my hardware tools properly instead of dumping them in a ATI AR-745 router box. By the way, the hardware tools that I own are mostly my dad's.


robotix said...

does our market really prefer traditional plastics or the price of these bio plastic thingy is just ridiculous?

ragsy937 said...

feature wall? cepat cepat siapkan weyh.. sat lagi qz dah beranak.. lepak cheras jek. Tak ley nak njoy la feature wall ko tuu

rumet said...

everything in this country which has the label "Made in Malaysia" is overpriced.

thats the reason why our national car is so expensive.. padahal accesories are local made...

robotix said...

heh. figures..

Farul said...

oi, nak complain gi jeffooi la

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