Friday, March 31, 2006


For those of you who haven't been into labour before, let me tell you one thing. The doctor will cut your flesh! The procedure is called "episiotomy". I quote: During labor, when the baby's head is exposed to a diameter of 3 to 4 centimeters, the attending physician will pick up a pair of sterile scissors and snip the stretching skin of the perineum downward toward the anus (median episiotomy) or downward and sideways (mediolateral episiotomy) to enlarge the vaginal opening and make it easier for the head to emerge.Gila sakit wooo!!!!!Imagine your life after that! Ingat senang ke nak kencing lepas tu? So to ease your bowel movement and operations, the doctor will prescribe laxatives to melt your stool. The issue arises when you breastfeed. Whatever you consume, the baby will get it too. The first night we spent in Kelana Jaya was an experience not to forget. 5 kali beb!!!! Wakenabebbb....Now I understand why people say, "Tak cukup tido sebab jaga anak" means.Anyway, I'm glad Arianna did all that. The nurse said its good if the baby shits a lot. It will clear out the toxins in her body. Alhamdulillah, we didn't have to go back to the hospital to treat Arianna for jaundice. Ayah tak tido malam pon takpe la... as long as Arianna sihat!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Young Parents Rumet & QZ

Siapa kata parenting is easy??For ladies, you think all you need to do is be pregnant for 40 weeks and then give birth and thats all? You wish!!!For us, we decided to feed Arianna fully with breastmilk. Wifey's breast that is! Not mine and not any cows' breasts.. Nampak dalam TV gile senang kan? Lahir-lahir je baby terus nak kat mak die... Hahaha.. The truth is the mother doesnt know how to hold the baby for breastfeeding position and the baby has never consume anything through her mouth.The first night we spent at the hospital was a nightmare. Arianna is supposed to be fed every 2 hours. The problem is she prefers to sleep. Wifey and the nurse struggled to wake her up. And when Arianna is up, she doesnt want to eat or doesnt know how to eat. Lapar tapi tak tau macam mana nak makan... so apa lagi? Nangis aaaaaaa...I have to salute wifey for her patience. She kept on trying all night long although she went through a lot of pain and suffering that afternoon. At about 1 a.m, we called the nurse and asked her to take Arianna to the nursery and let wifey catch some rest. At 4 a.m Arianna came back. The nurse said she was crying for milk. Here we go again....The 2nd night was not any much different. The same problem - we sent her to the nursery at 12 a.m and she came back at 3 a.m. Until we came back to my parents' place when these two ladies get to co-operate with each other.The thing is with Arianna, she's an angel during daytime. Kalau ada 10 orang dalam bilik tu, sembang-sembang, gelak-gelak... relax je die tido. Even multiple beams of red light from Untie Azah's camera would not disturb her. Kak Marisa ketuk-ketuk crib die pon... buat tak tahu jer. Bila malam jerrr... wacchhaaaaa!!!Itu baru cerita breastfeeding... next I'll tell about Arianna's toiletting habits.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy One Week Delivery Anniversary to Arianna & Wifey

On this day last week wifey was struggling with her life to give birth to our 1st child. When I say 1st that means more are coming... insya Allah :)It has been an exciting and full of enjoyment week for me. If I am able to say something like that, imagine what wifey could say about it. She has been carrying Arianna inside her for 40 weeks which was full of loya-ness, tiredness, bone cracking and etc. She had suffer a few hours of unbearable pain during labour. But I'm very sure after seeing Arianna, she could easily forget all that.Today I wanna share some pictures during the Kenduri Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul for Arianna which was held on the 19th March 2006 = 5 days old.

The princess getting ready. Cantik kan baju tu?
The buaian or we call it swing in broken English.
Auntie Dah - The baby bearer
The Ibu. Nak jugak menyelit kat function Arianna. Pantang mane boleh turun bawah laaa...
Untie Lin.. berat ke buah kelapa tu??
Cukur jambul by Nenek.
Tok pulak.
Opah pun nak cukur jugak.
Tok Wan Arianna.
In the swing. Surprisingly Arianna behaved very well that day. Good girl!
Ibu, Pak Su and Mutalib's Mother...
Tengok tangan Arianna. Hehe, nobody is gonna bedung anak ayah on her special day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Precious

Since we moved in to wifey's parents place, I lost contact with Blogger. Come to think of it, if there were internet connection in that house pon.., I wont be updating this blog. I went to sleep as soon as I reach the bedroom for the last two nights.

Publishing my posts from the office is hopeless. But I'm trying it again and again anyway!!

The picture above shows how rebellious Arianna is with her mittens. And her bedung as well. Her grandma is very strict about her bedung. Tanak kasik Arianna kengkang bile besar nanti. I just can imagine how uncomfortable it is being wrapped tightly with a piece of blanket. Being a sympathatic father, I usually loosen the wrap whenever I change her diapers. I know her grandma meant well and I support this bedung idea very much.. just I hope that it is being practiced when I'm not at home lah..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Watch Out People, The New Boss Has Arrived

As I look into you eyes

I know the reasons why
My life's worth a thousand skies
You're the simplest love I've known
And the purest one I'll own
Know you'll never be alone

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And 'cause of you
I don't have to wonder why
Baby you

There's no more just getting by
You're the reason I feel so alive
Though these words I sing are true
They still fail to capture you
As mere words can only do
How do I explain that smile
And how it turns my world around
Keeping my feet on the ground

I will soothe you if you fall
I'll be right there if you call
You're my greatest love of all

Arianna I feel so alive

p/s: Lots of thanks to Mr. Marc Anthony for composing this song for us.
p/s2: The picture above was captured a few minutes after her arrival. While she warmed herself up under the light.
p/s3: There's a lot that I wanna write but first and foremost I must say Thanks to The Best Wifey in My World. There's no way Arianna and I can repay the sacrifices that she has done for us. Love you so much wifey!!

More to come soon...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Last But Not Least

I imagined this post is where I attach my baby's pictures and happily describe "the" event. Somehow that imagination was demolished and now I'm blogging with wifey at my side at my parents house.

What happened? The dilation was still the same as last Friday. Stuck at 2cm. The contractions are too weak. No power to push how to deliver? So the doctor gave us the choice either to induce or to wait till the next check up.. this Thursday.

Can you imagine how excited I was this morning before we went to the hospital? I woke up damn early and I folded my blanket, wore my glasses and fell asleep right after that. Gila bersemangat sampai mengigau nak gi hospital!!!

All the tips and tricks just didn't work this morning:

1) Minum air akar siti fatimah... done.
2) Do a lot of walking... last 2 days we went to OU, yesterday ikea & ikano, after the visit to the hospital this morning we went to ikano again! With the amount of walks we did, I think some of my body parts can dilate too.
3) Have sex... hmmm. I think I should read up Cipok's regime after this.

So, anymore tricks in your hats? Bring it on..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Less than 3 days to go

Warghh!! Last Friday, the doctor said "if the baby is not out by monday, come back tuesday morning.. we'll take her out"! If you people are reading this on Monday, that(s) mean(s) that it's 1 day to go! Hahaha ntah ape2 ntah....

Am I ready to become a father? Dah hafal ke azan/iqamat nak baca kat anak nanti? Dah practice cemana nak sembelih kambing ke untuk aqiqah nanti? Am I ready to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and leave home by 6.30 so that I can reach office by 8.30? Haha

As for now, all those readiness issues I put it at KIV. I'm so excited to have a baby and I hope everything is gonna be okay this tuesday. Hope that the baby comes out alright and the mother is well and healthy. This is where the prayers from all of you are very much appreciated. Especially from the Haji and Hajjah!!! Hehehe

For the experienced mothers out there, your tips and advis(c)es all these while surely will be benefitted by wifey :).

Well Im too excited as I've already taken leave since last friday and one whole week off next week. Insya Allah I'll update you all by SMS this tuesday.

btw julie, whats your handphone number huh? and for those of you that would want regular updates on the delivery, SMS ON MELETUP and send it to 1244526554 (dechiper -1).

take care people...


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Latest Photography Purchase

Its a book! It was an impluse shopping actually. I browsed through one day and suddenly made the purchase.

Very happy with the service because they estimated that the book will arrived between the 2oth and 30th of March but it came in today!

Second reason to be happy is that I got this book slightly cheaper compared to buying it at our local bookstores. I checked at and the price is RM168. I got it for slightly below RM150... including shipping!

I guess this book will occupy my time in Cheras (the place where Astro and Internet could not reach) for the next two months. Together with the Half-Blood Prince book....

Monday, March 06, 2006


I've been missing a few games in the past 2 weekends. Since nowadays I don't exercise at all, these weekends badminton sessions have been great help for my heart. And the high cholestrol level.

So why didn't I play last week and the week before? Is it because the fuel price hike? Is it because the organizer keep on changing venue; from serdang to bangi and to seri kembangan? Is it because of the difficulty to find parking space at the seri kembangan badminton hall? Is it because bangi is too far for me to waste money on fuel?

Well sometimes I told the guys that wifey is having contractions. But the real truth why I didnt join you guys and smash your heads are because of this:

Gross enough? I'll show you my other toe nail next time!!

p/s: at least i dun give stupid reason like fungal infection in one of my ear lahh which people dun even know whether its true or not!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Biodegradable Plastics

Do you know that Malaysia has been producing this type of plastic all this while? I bet non of us has seen this type of plastic. Biodegradable plastic is made of plant-based polymer. Its much better than the traditional plastic due to the "enviroment friendly" characteristics. Malaysia is producing biodegradable plastics using starch polymer. What type of starch? Tapioca starch! Its weird right when we produce this type of plastic but we never knew how it looks like. It seems that our export market is much better than our local market for this type of plastics.

When the price of fuel raise, we blame the government. But we as consumers still support the industry. We prefer the traditional plastics which is made of petroleum polymer!

How come Rumet is so interested in plastics? Actually I'm interested in the Ladang Ubi Kayu. My favourite TV shows are Agrotek (Saturday 5:30pm, TV1) and Agro Jurnal (Sunday 5:30pm, TV1). Maybe its the farmer's blood that's flowing in my veins lah..

I missed last Saturday Agrotek. Was busy painting my living room "feature wall" yellow. Actually my bro Rizal does most of the painting job.

Apparently 1 litre of paint is not enough for our feature wall. But it was a good decision to try out with 1 litre first since now wifey is having a tough time liking that yellow wall. At first she was thinking of green but at the hardware store she suddenly typed in the yellow code.

Nice toolbox huh? Wifey gave it to me. So that I can keep my hardware tools properly instead of dumping them in a ATI AR-745 router box. By the way, the hardware tools that I own are mostly my dad's.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Koffee With Karan

I know our rich friend Ayil loves that show very much. He once told me that the girls always wear the same type of clothes....

The air-tight coffee container above is a gift from the lovely wifey of mine. The 50mm lens was my barang Awal Tahun. This coffee container is my Akhir Tahun gift lah..

The gift comes with a Coffee Press. I'll write bout that later.. Posted by Picasa

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