Monday, February 13, 2006

Result After One Day

Result of the testing so far:

1) Iklan Layanan Masyarakat Oleh Google appeared at the advert section. It means that eventhough we click to those ads, I dont earn anything out of it.

2) Usually that kind of adverts appear when there's no company would want to advertise at my blog. Adsense is still searching for advertisers for my blog... i guess.

3) My theory that Fotopages and Blogger dont like each other is almost certain. Its impossible to hot-link images between these sites.

Well I would want to write a bit on Ayil's House Warming Party but I think the pictures will elaborate on it well enough. You know where to find it right?


spammer122 said...

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rumet said...

bodoh punya farul!

Farul said...

oi.. it's not me you fool!
au contraire, i manage to get a hand on this conversation:

azrilzm: jangan harap aku nak cayer
theAyil: entah2 m** tak
you know, her being bondage lover herself
just ask t** for confirmation
god knows what kind of kinky stuffs they did in the nature
with hammock and stuffs
/me off to copy & and paste this entry into t**'s blog comment
Sent at 16:45 on Thursday
azrilzm: i dare you!!!

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