Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogger for Word

I discovered something new today. I found out that I can update Blogger using Microsoft Word. I am still in the exploring phase but one thing I dislike about this plug-in is that it does not support image editing and publishing.


+cheeps+ said...

aku dah lama blog pakai word.. for the image issue.. ko edit balik la dlm blogger nanti lepas ko post

rumet said...

thanks cheeps for the tip.

btw ko pegi pattaya nanti aku nak kirim tanduk rusa...hehehe

Farul said...

kan dah satu dua kerja (since aku mostly akan upload gambar for each of my post)

+cheeps+ said...

mmg byk keje sket but I still prefer using words coz my english is not that good.. words can help a bit..

Mane ade Tanduk Rusa kat Pattaya beghuk... mende tuh kat Indon.. but aku ade supplier kat cyberjaya

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