Wednesday, February 22, 2006

22 Days To Go

It took her 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant to suggest a pizza dinner. All this while, it's always me that wanted to order the magic 1-300 numbers.

Its Aloha Chicken and Flaming Tuna for us tonight..

By the way, the new layout / template is courtesy of Mr. SatelitPuaka. For your information, he is a very talented graphic designer, web programmer and cock talker. Do visit his artwork at the link given.

Last December I sent out a cheque together with an application to subscribe the Men's Health Magazine. Every issue costs RM10 but the one-year subscription costs RM90 for 15 issues (12 + 3 free). Mom's Zone would love this idea of saving money! Hehe.. I was a bit upset with their service actually because it took them too long to process my application. I missed the January issue and after I sent out a complaint e-mail last 3 weeks, they called me yesterday and asked me whether the February issue has arrived or not. I told her, "No laaaaa, you stupid fool". So she said, " We'll resend a new copy today". Resend??? Ya right!!!! Macam la pernah hantar before this. Come on laaa... I asked them to send it to the office. Lain la kalau mintak hantar ke rumah where there wont be anybody at home during working hours. Anyway.. I got the Feb issue today and tonite Im gonna read up on the "10 Forbidden Sex Tricks".
Like I'm gonna get any of it till next June huh??


Farul said...

>>Like I'm gonna get any of it till next June huh??

with the Forbidden Sex Trick, yes you will

myjulieyana said...

hehehe.. FORBIDDEN for 100days tau rumet..

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