Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why So Long No Update One This Blog?

I had a few ideas on what to blog about these last few days such as:

1) How could I lend my 2nd wife to Farul and let him take it back to Perlis for New Year.
2) How did I spent my Christmas holidays.
3) Less than 80 days to go for me to become a father.
4) Review on the Cheaper By The Dozen 2, Wallace and Gormit and Baik Punya Cilok which wifey and I watched during the new year holidays at Sunway Pyramid. We even bought the tickets from the same salesgirl.
5) Memorable events in 2005.
6) And like most of you would expect, Year 2006 resolutions.. what to improve, what to stop, what to do, wish lists bla bla bla..

With so many ideas, why didn't I update this lame blog? You wont believe me if I say that I was busy these few days so I'll use my default reason.... I'M A LAZY...Dumb arseee. Masya Allah.. I should try to quit swearing. Not good for the baby!

I'll dedicate this entry to review on my everyday close friends (Tapai, Farul, Ayil & Ceng) and myself after 3 years of working. How are we doing after 3 years of living the "real" life where bills, loans, paycheck and credit cards play major functions in our daily activities. Well this review is purely based on how I see it and mostly fictional.

With no particular order, lets start with.... Ayil.

He's the most established and successful so far. Previously he bought a corner lot terrace house in Bukit Jalil built by the infamous developer in the country and the extraordinary part was.. he bought it by cash. No loans neither from the bank nor his parents. This is no small house far far away from the city you know!. Visit his review of the house here. To nourish his wealth he sold that house and bought a penthouse at Shang Villa, Kelana Jaya. He excels in work by winning multiple awards from the company and the parent company. As far as I know he does not have any credit card that cant be used due to over usage and etc. One word to describe all this.. berkat. Ayil is the only Haji among us all. His family frequently organize usrah sessions which I always find excuses not to join. And sometime I noticed that he does his work sincerely.

Next we move Ayil's best friend, Tapai. He's the only single gay....ermm guy among us. He lives with his parents, hence no utility bills to pay, no groceries shopping and etc. His father does not allow him to buy a house neither for him to stay nor for him to rent it out. He wanted to become a pilot so that he can date stewardess but his mother purposely hide his interview call up. So basically Tapai is not living in the "real" life yet.

Ceng in the other hand is a hybrid of Ayil and Tapai. Financially he's quite as impressive as Ayil but so far it's still unfair because Ceng and his wife are living with Ceng's family. He can brag with all his investment in unit trusts, share market and Wartel business but you aren't living yet until you move out from your parents' house my dear friend. By the way, we have to declare Ceng and Tapai are the sore losers in snooker for year 2005. Again Ayil is The Man in snooker! Plus point for Ceng is that he's giving monthly spending money to his wife as nafkah. None of the others in the gang can afford to do that. Duduk rumah parent boleh la... blah laa Ceng!

Well, Farul is an interesting character to review. He's the most senior in the sense that he lived the "real" life much much earlier than all of us. His parents live in Air Tawar, Perak, hence he cant live with his parents like Ceng!

Damn lah.... the problem with not blogging for quite sometime makes me lazy to continue... so why not you guys continue the entry for me in the comment section. Have a nice day...


m|ss v|xen said...

No NO NO! finish ur story !
and ayil being the man for snooker? btul ke? bukan dier slalu citer dier slalu kalah ke\? heheheheh

haji ayil said...

hotak ko beli umah pakai duit aku!
bapak aku bg umah ara tu.. jual ara tu br dpt cash.. ingat aku millionaire ke ape ley beli cash without parents helpidoos.. balance tu aku pakai cash la hehe dun ask me where i got the money..

Juliana said...

esah.. ayil tipu kata dia slalu kalah, baru ko kesian kasik dia try his luck again & again.. kalau dia kata dia menang, he surely be obsessed snookering with other fellows! betoi tak ayil?

laa.. ayil dah jual ke rumah bukit jalil tu? apsal tak promote kat aku pon?

rumet pemalas..

Anonymous said...

come on laa...finish up your story please hehe..

ragsy937 said...

dumb arse

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