Friday, January 13, 2006

Soft food sucks!

It has been 2 nights since I have to resort to soft food. Just had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and the doctor said "No oily food, just soft food for 5 days". Five days??? I can barely survive 2 days without real food.

The wisdom teeth (pictures here) weren't causing any problems to me but the dentist said they need to be extracted so that they wont cause problems in my older days. Its a scary thought that to make room for the teeth to be extracted, the a bit of the cheek bone will be removed.

To ease myself during the surgery, the dentist gave me sedative pills. About 5 of them. Its supposed to make me high and most probably wont remember anything about the surgery. Unfortunately the sedative pills kicked in a little bit too late. Instead of me not remembering the surgery, I didn't remember anything half an hour after the surgery. I didnt remember how I went back home, I didnt pay for the surgery, how many days I asked for medical leave and et cetera.

One day after the surgery my gums haven't stop bleeding. I dunno how many pints of blood have I swallowed. And this soft food diet is killing me. Watching wifey munching Hot & Spicy KFC makes me think what am I gonna eat after all this pain is over.

Lobsterman pon best ni!!

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