Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Smidgens of Life

Not having to go to work for one week does give me the taste of how it would be to be a financially free person. After Eidul Adha I took 2 days off, the next day I got a medical leave for extracting my wisdom teeth, 2 days weekend and one extra medical leave which wifey asked from the dentist for me. I think I deserve the extra leave since I'll be paying RM1.5K for the surgery which only the .5K part will be covered by the insurance.

That weekend, wifey and I for the first time spent some quality time to get stuffs for the upcoming baby. You can't envisage how thrilled I was that weekend. Wifey did her study with my mummy before on what to get before the delivery. Well before this we did a bit of surveys here and there but never look into details like how many pairs of clothes to get, short sleeves or long sleeves, towels, blankets, what type of napkins, booties and mittens etc etc. So that weekend I had my share of experience being a father-to-be.

As of today, when I can still have enough peaceful undisturbed sleeps, clothes free of vomits, plenty of leasure surfing hours, I would like to say that I can't wait to become a father! :)


Untie Mueya-to-be said...

Shopping for baby stuff memang best! Especially shopping for their clothes. Cute-laa sangat those tiny-ropol2 dress and those teeny-weeny shoes. Ha-ha..I am talking mcm dah ada baby pulak..Talking from experience buying baby stuff for friends. QZ-Rumet.I am very excited and very happy for both of u...Bestnyer!Hopefully my enthusiasm don't freak both of u and the baby out..hihi...

Juliana said...

rumet.. kalau nak TO BUY list for mom & baby, i can email it to you or qz.. my cousins made the list for me..

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