Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Small Medium Industry

Last Monday I accompanied my mother in law to look for a confinement lady. It was an ad-hoc mission for me as I was briefed about it one hour before the mission is executed. I am supposed to be on medical leave today but I have a bigger mission that is to be "the" favourite son in law. I must get use to this kind of ad hoc tasks to achieve that target.

First check point - Puchong. So from Ara Damansara I head for Bandar Tun Hussein Onn to pick up mummy and abah. Then find this Cik Yah's place in Puchong. When we got there, mummy had small talks with the confinement lady and "test power" the confinement lady's massage. While waiting, I continued my big mission by having discussions with abah on agriculture topics. We talked about perkasam ikan sepat, paddy field and arowana farm. Hmm...

Next appoinment - Hulu Langat. Not appoinment with the confinement lady, but with abah's nephew who lives in Hulu Langat. Since abah nephew's wife had 4 deliveries done at Hulu Langat, there must be a confinement lady somewhere around there. We didn't meet the confinement lady but we did get the rough idea about the confinement lady in that area.

Damn this is a boring entry. I just couldn't transform the actual event into words.

Enough about the confinement lady part. Let my mother in law decide between the 2 confinement ladies.

My main point is, the conversation with abah, the Industri Kecil Sederhana (IKS) Otak-Otak that we came across by in Hulu Langat and the Agrotek show last saturday triggered my long unused brain: If we grow a Tongkat Ali Farm and rare bees in that farm, we should be able to produce Tongkat Ali Honey right? And "we" is referred to the bees. Since the bees have no other source of nectar except the Tongkat Ali trees, technically they'll be producing honey infused with tongkat ali "magical" scientifically unproven benefits. Just think about it..

p/s: This idea of Tongkat Ali Honey is copyrighted. All rights reserved to

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