Thursday, January 26, 2006


Im due in less than 50 days!! In less than 50 days id have an additional title to my profile..

a wife, daughter, sister....... a mother!

Though many a times I tell rumet can't wait for the lil fellow to come out.. that many a times my anxiety hits me.

Im the youngest in my family. Thanks to my 2 nephews Im not that clueless when it comes to babies. However, I cant help questioning my capabilities once the Braxton hicks starts indicating im going into labour.

Will I survive labour?
Will it be a short one or a day or days long event?
Will I be able to deliver this baby normally ?
Will the baby the healthy,sempurna, fair, good looking ?
Will I be able to breast feed?
Will I be able get back in shape and look like anak dara once again ? hahahah ( this is probably wishful thinking)
Will I have enough energy to care for a husband and our child?

Thats only a small part of my anxiety. Wanna know more? Here goes

Will I love the baby as much as I want to ?
Will I spoil her with my upbringing?
Will my upbringing conflict with rumets?
Will I have the same mother daughter relationship as I had with my mom?
Will I turn into my mom?

I know I should cross the bridge when its time to cross it, but cant I just have the preview of the bridge now?


robotix said...

rumet.. apsal ko menyamar jd bini ko nih??

dah la tuh, tak pasal² lak aku kene gi meeting elx.. dem aa...

rumet said...

hahaha.... dah KPI ko jadi scapegoat... jangan aa komplen.

qz tulis laa entry tu!

m|ss v|xen said...

all the will answers akan dtg in 50 days time.. but be prepare laa..ur dear daughter will surely be xtra manja with the daddy.. harruummpphhh!

m|ss v|xen said...

eh lupe.. looking at the way u can fold ur leg to bersila position imsure u can kurus like any anak dara mak dara!dunt worry.. if not ull always have me to compare hahahahahah

nurulqz said...

my dear daughter will manja with her daddy?

who my daddy then ? oouucch!!

Untie Mueya said...

Eishh..apa tak bleh look like anak dara again pulak...We go dancing classes naakk tak..? We can recapture our zaman mod dance again...our zaman 90-an...hihi..
Ermm...don't think too much-laa QZ..I'm sure u'll turn out to be a great Mom..Just enjoy urself with ur new title... :-)

ragsy937 said...

AKu nak jadi abg tapai, tamau uncle plis.

Mueya said...

Hehe..abg Tapai?..mana bleh...
Pak Tapai..hahaha..sedap arr...

nurulqz said...

bestnye korang nih optimimstic bout me getting back the anak dara figure.. aku jugak yang sceptical.

Ure not that bad laa esah.. I would say dah 80% anak dara balik.. hopefully when u finally get 100% in shape ure not starting to go out of shape balik laa.. hahaha ada paham ka?

dancing class ah moi ya.. jommmm...ill do the surveying later. Latin dancing okay for u? Ntah2 ko pon start nak go out of shape jugak.. hahahah.. camno?

Pak tapai.. me like.. sounds good!

Ah Moi Ya said...

Aku kena approach with this guy nak jual this card where you can get discounts doing stuff that u like. Probably ko dah penah dgr becos usually u know more stuff than I do..except for that news about touch n go tu(suprisingly)..heheh..
One of it is Linda Jasmine's dancing classes..aku pun terus teringat kat kau.My main point is not that card but Linda Jasmine nyer dancing classes..Aku blum survey but kinda interested..
Latin..hmmmmm..ok gaks but survey-lah lagik other types..
belly dancing amacam..?
My cousin said kena cepat2 shed that extra kilo after your pantang or else lagi susah nak get back to your anak dara shape.
Me start nak go out of shape..hmmm...I'll think of that problem when the time comes..when I cross that the moment, let us be optimistic and assume aku ok aje..hehe...
Jom-laa Esah..join skali.. :-)

ragsy937 said...

pegi clubbing je

CENG O' SAM said...

50 days more to 60 days of snuker, PS2, karaoke, etc. etc.!

nurulqz said...

daya imaginasi ceng nih mmg tahap dillusional x hingat nih! when the baby comes.. more power to me!!

myjulieyana said...

dancing class linda jasmine? how much per month?

qz, julie gi yoga class last monday.. sakitnye urat.. tapi best! jon join fitness 1st! kite join masa promotion bayar rm120 je per month.. org lain bayar rm175.. hehe.. bleh gi mana2

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