Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Cant Afford to Hire Franc

I'm sure many of you have watched the movie Father of The Bride II. Its the sequel of the movie Father of The Bride. I kind of like the movie especially the part where Steve Martin was in charge of taking care of his pregnant wife and pregnant daughter. Man I wish I could be that kind of husband or father one day.

Obviously I couldn't be that kind of husband today. There's no way I could afford to buy a big house and get a interior designer (Franc in the movie) to renovate one room for the upcoming baby, buy take-away foods from expensive restaurants, organize a baby shower party and flew in two storks from Poland to cherish my lovely wife.

The best that I could give is a reclining chair where she can sit comfortably with the baby.

It is a Malung from Ikea. It does not cost as much as the flight ticket for the storks to fly in to Malaysia but Im very happy that I can ease the uncomfortability of my pregnant wifey. (Damn Im sleepy while writing this, pardon the Engrishh).

Now as you can see there's not much space left in our living room. I wonder when can I afford to move out to a new living room. Hopefully not when "everybody" is having a vacation in Penang..


m|ss v|xen said...

ahhh a good chair! but i suggest u go get the small stool to put qz's leg up. atleast dpt laa kurgkan water retention kat kaki tuh :D

Juliana said...

yeah.. agree with esah.. get a foot stool as well.. esah, when will be your 2nd baby? will it be in uk?

rumet said...

korang ni bagaikan api yang membakar poket aku kan?!! hehe

nurulqz said...

this chair mmg pleasantly comforting to the body.. esp mine .. hahah.. but not so pleasant to the eye kan? anyway comfortablity rules nowadays!!

My dad bought this chair some time ago.. and whenever I x sedap bdn.. I always seek comfort on this chair..

Thanks yang for this chair eh? poket sakit eh? nanti wifey urut poket.. hahahah

m|ss v|xen said...

aiyakk julie... its sooo not gonna be another year or two kot.. we r definately taking our time and ive just protected/sealed myself from the little "tadpoles" swimming further inside ahhahahahahhahah >:)

Juliana said...

qz.. ask for foot stool!!!

esah.. good for marisa! pakai implanon ke?

ayamanna said...

Waa! So sweet. I'm sure that you're doing your best to accomodate your wife and your baby who's coming soon.

Susah giler la nak emulate character Steve Martin tu. Reckon small gestures would also be enough - like waking up in the middle of the night to feed baby, washing all baby's clothes, cooking for your wife, etc. Hehehhe... All the best with the upcoming edition of lil rumet/tte :)!

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