Thursday, January 26, 2006


Im due in less than 50 days!! In less than 50 days id have an additional title to my profile..

a wife, daughter, sister....... a mother!

Though many a times I tell rumet can't wait for the lil fellow to come out.. that many a times my anxiety hits me.

Im the youngest in my family. Thanks to my 2 nephews Im not that clueless when it comes to babies. However, I cant help questioning my capabilities once the Braxton hicks starts indicating im going into labour.

Will I survive labour?
Will it be a short one or a day or days long event?
Will I be able to deliver this baby normally ?
Will the baby the healthy,sempurna, fair, good looking ?
Will I be able to breast feed?
Will I be able get back in shape and look like anak dara once again ? hahahah ( this is probably wishful thinking)
Will I have enough energy to care for a husband and our child?

Thats only a small part of my anxiety. Wanna know more? Here goes

Will I love the baby as much as I want to ?
Will I spoil her with my upbringing?
Will my upbringing conflict with rumets?
Will I have the same mother daughter relationship as I had with my mom?
Will I turn into my mom?

I know I should cross the bridge when its time to cross it, but cant I just have the preview of the bridge now?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The prawns are fresh

It's Mueya's birthday last 19th January 2006. Wifey and I took her for dinner at the famous Little Italian Kitchen in Shah Alam. Her husband was not able to join us because he had to work till late night that day.

Mueya was supposed to stay up at the library that night while waiting for her husband to pick her up. What a way to celebrate her 26th birthday huh? Then is when the couple of hero and heroin came to the rescue and took her for dinner. Eventhough it was actually the rescue'e that came to the rescue'er by taking the bus and LRT to our office... that wasn't the main point lahh..

Mueya had lasagna, wifey had fettuchini seafood marinana (she asked for penne actually) and I had fettuchini bla bla bla (I cant remember the name of the dish laa). I cant really enjoy my meal that night. Somehow I caught some flues or a flu. And my surgery wounds were causing pain.

For desert wifey had her favourite tiramisu and Mueya got herself a slice of birthday cake on the house.

Up till now, I dunno whether Mueya enjoyed the dinner or not. Judging from the way she eat.... hmmm .... tough to tell laa. Too complicated!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Small Medium Industry

Last Monday I accompanied my mother in law to look for a confinement lady. It was an ad-hoc mission for me as I was briefed about it one hour before the mission is executed. I am supposed to be on medical leave today but I have a bigger mission that is to be "the" favourite son in law. I must get use to this kind of ad hoc tasks to achieve that target.

First check point - Puchong. So from Ara Damansara I head for Bandar Tun Hussein Onn to pick up mummy and abah. Then find this Cik Yah's place in Puchong. When we got there, mummy had small talks with the confinement lady and "test power" the confinement lady's massage. While waiting, I continued my big mission by having discussions with abah on agriculture topics. We talked about perkasam ikan sepat, paddy field and arowana farm. Hmm...

Next appoinment - Hulu Langat. Not appoinment with the confinement lady, but with abah's nephew who lives in Hulu Langat. Since abah nephew's wife had 4 deliveries done at Hulu Langat, there must be a confinement lady somewhere around there. We didn't meet the confinement lady but we did get the rough idea about the confinement lady in that area.

Damn this is a boring entry. I just couldn't transform the actual event into words.

Enough about the confinement lady part. Let my mother in law decide between the 2 confinement ladies.

My main point is, the conversation with abah, the Industri Kecil Sederhana (IKS) Otak-Otak that we came across by in Hulu Langat and the Agrotek show last saturday triggered my long unused brain: If we grow a Tongkat Ali Farm and rare bees in that farm, we should be able to produce Tongkat Ali Honey right? And "we" is referred to the bees. Since the bees have no other source of nectar except the Tongkat Ali trees, technically they'll be producing honey infused with tongkat ali "magical" scientifically unproven benefits. Just think about it..

p/s: This idea of Tongkat Ali Honey is copyrighted. All rights reserved to

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Cant Afford to Hire Franc

I'm sure many of you have watched the movie Father of The Bride II. Its the sequel of the movie Father of The Bride. I kind of like the movie especially the part where Steve Martin was in charge of taking care of his pregnant wife and pregnant daughter. Man I wish I could be that kind of husband or father one day.

Obviously I couldn't be that kind of husband today. There's no way I could afford to buy a big house and get a interior designer (Franc in the movie) to renovate one room for the upcoming baby, buy take-away foods from expensive restaurants, organize a baby shower party and flew in two storks from Poland to cherish my lovely wife.

The best that I could give is a reclining chair where she can sit comfortably with the baby.

It is a Malung from Ikea. It does not cost as much as the flight ticket for the storks to fly in to Malaysia but Im very happy that I can ease the uncomfortability of my pregnant wifey. (Damn Im sleepy while writing this, pardon the Engrishh).

Now as you can see there's not much space left in our living room. I wonder when can I afford to move out to a new living room. Hopefully not when "everybody" is having a vacation in Penang..

Smidgens of Life

Not having to go to work for one week does give me the taste of how it would be to be a financially free person. After Eidul Adha I took 2 days off, the next day I got a medical leave for extracting my wisdom teeth, 2 days weekend and one extra medical leave which wifey asked from the dentist for me. I think I deserve the extra leave since I'll be paying RM1.5K for the surgery which only the .5K part will be covered by the insurance.

That weekend, wifey and I for the first time spent some quality time to get stuffs for the upcoming baby. You can't envisage how thrilled I was that weekend. Wifey did her study with my mummy before on what to get before the delivery. Well before this we did a bit of surveys here and there but never look into details like how many pairs of clothes to get, short sleeves or long sleeves, towels, blankets, what type of napkins, booties and mittens etc etc. So that weekend I had my share of experience being a father-to-be.

As of today, when I can still have enough peaceful undisturbed sleeps, clothes free of vomits, plenty of leasure surfing hours, I would like to say that I can't wait to become a father! :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Day We Decided To Go For A Holiday In Penang

As I've mentioned before, Ayil... yeah, the rich friend of ours bought a penthouse in Kelana Jaya. Last Sunday Ayil invited us to help him to move his stuffs from the old rented unit to the new house. Being us, we made all the excuses to miss this. Farul said he made plans to play badminton with his friends in Serdang, Tapai have to escort his cousin to KL, I went for a wisdom tooth surgery and Ceng... yes this is the best part. Ceng conveniently went to Penang for holidays over the weekend with his wife. It seems that his "masalah besar" is settled then.

Ayil knew this too well that he offered to treat us for breakfast and lunch. Since I cant really enjoy eating these few days, the offer wasn't enticing enough. But Esah assured me that we are supposed to help them carry the small stuffs only. So what the heck right? I guess I need to sweat once in a while.

In turned out to be that Esah's "small stuffs" were a chest drawer full of undergarments, a dressing table, two single-seater sofas, a reclining chair, two 29" inches TV, one washing machine, a fridge as tall as I am and a 6-seater dining table. The only object that I considered as small is a "tong gas" that weighs 14kgs!!!! Talk about look at the big picture huh?

Imagine 3 of us (Ayil and Esah decided to do the dirty jobs - sental lantai) carry all the stuffs above from the 17th floor to the six.......teenth floor. Everytime we waited for the elevator, everytime we accidentally dropped Ayils' stuffs and everytime we grunted in pain carrying the stuffs, these words never fail to ejaculate from our mouths... "Bila Ceng pindah rumah nanti, kite ramai-ramai pegi holiday kat Penang okay?!".

Friday, January 13, 2006

Soft food sucks!

It has been 2 nights since I have to resort to soft food. Just had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and the doctor said "No oily food, just soft food for 5 days". Five days??? I can barely survive 2 days without real food.

The wisdom teeth (pictures here) weren't causing any problems to me but the dentist said they need to be extracted so that they wont cause problems in my older days. Its a scary thought that to make room for the teeth to be extracted, the a bit of the cheek bone will be removed.

To ease myself during the surgery, the dentist gave me sedative pills. About 5 of them. Its supposed to make me high and most probably wont remember anything about the surgery. Unfortunately the sedative pills kicked in a little bit too late. Instead of me not remembering the surgery, I didn't remember anything half an hour after the surgery. I didnt remember how I went back home, I didnt pay for the surgery, how many days I asked for medical leave and et cetera.

One day after the surgery my gums haven't stop bleeding. I dunno how many pints of blood have I swallowed. And this soft food diet is killing me. Watching wifey munching Hot & Spicy KFC makes me think what am I gonna eat after all this pain is over.

Lobsterman pon best ni!!

Hari Raya Korban + Zarina's 23rd Birthday

Yet another boring entry. So anonymous readers can continue hopping without reading this.

This year's 10th Zulhijjah felt/falls on 10th January. What are the odds huh?

In addition to the normal rituals; Sembahyang Raya, Makan Raya and Korban, this year we celebrate Zarina's birthday. She'll be leaving for Sydney this February to finish he degree. Nope, its not a twinning programme. Somehow the subjects that she has to complete it here is no more offered here or maybe she's not allowed to repeat those subjects anymore. Haha..

So there's a birthday celebration that pagi raya. I dun wanna write about it since you can see the pictures at my fotopage. That evening Mummy, Daddy, Wifey and I head to Lintang. We are sacrificing a cow on the 2nd Raya. Just for the record, this is the first time I paid for my own part of Korban. In addition to that, I even paid for wifey's part of korban. Insya Allah next year we'll sacrifice 3 parts of korban.

There's nothing much to describe on the Korban except that the Sup Tulang and Pelempong Goreng that Mummy cooked was delicious!!!! Makan puas-puas.... on Thursday I got an appointment to extract my wisdom tooth.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Indian + Italian + Fusion

Finally my gold mine is opened for digging after their yearly maintenance and renovation works completed 2 days ago. As the proud owner of it, wifey and I went there for a visit in the afternoon. The gold mine was so nicely upgraded that I couldnt resist grabbing a few carats of gold out and spend it on food!!! For lunch we had banana leaf rice at Bangsar (i couldnt remember the name of the restaurant but its the one next to AmBank). For dinner we had Italian food at Cafe 1920 at Bangsar Village and for dessert we headed for Ms. Read's Delicious also at Bangsar Village. Yeah I know, everything is in Bangsar. The place for the richesss!!! So the entry today is to review these 3 restaurants and this time I'll try to keep it short to make sure that I complete the review.

It was the 2nd time that we went to the Banana Leaf Restaurant. The first time was with Ayil.. yeah, the rich friend of ours. I like the food there because of the Indian food. The curry, the gravy on top (kuah taruk atas), pappadom and etc. Well the concept of banana leaf rice is that they include the set with banana leaf as the plate (duhh!!), white rice or briyani rice, pappadom, cucumber cooked with coconut milk or cow's milk, bittergourd tempura (peria goreng tepung) which sometimes is exchanged with ladyfingers tempura, spinach cooked with dhall and fried chilli. For gravy you can choose from dhall gravy, chicken curry or fish curry. As for me, I love to have it all and follow the legacy term of "kuah campur". For vegeterians, this can be considered as a complete meal but for people like me, I need a main dish. So you can choose either to have fried fish, chicken, beef masala, mutton, crab, squid, prawn or anything under the sun. As for drinks, their lassi is nothing to shout about. I had plain ice water which is served in a metal glass (which is it now? glass or metal?). So authentic huh? Im very happy with the meal and gladly paid RM23 for a two person meal. RM10 for the chicken briyani that wifey can't finish, RM4 for the white rice banana leaf set, RM5 for the fried blotted fish (ikan kembung goreng) and RM4 for drinks. Since I haven't tried any other banana leaf rice restaurants, I give it a 9.95/10.

Next, Italian dinner. The ambience at Cafe 1920 is pleaseful. Comfortable chairs, well lighted surroundings and cozy setup. The foods are on the so-so side. Wifey had spagethi marinara and I had Pizza Bianca. Wifey commented that she preferred the sauce to be more tomato-ish instead of cheezy-ish. The Pizza Bianca was interesting. In the menu, the pizza was described as "no tomato sauce, beef bacon, turkey ham and cheese only" and there's a symbol that state "Trust the chef" next to the description. Let me tell you guys this, "Never trust A Skinny Chef and Cafe 1920's chef". As for drinks, wifey had a apple cinnamon tea which she didn't offer to me to even taste. I has cappucino brewed by a Lavazza Espresso Machine which cant compare to my favourite Starbuck's soy cappucino. Paid RM53 plus for the meal which I rate 5/10 but at least we got our 1st hour parking free for spending more than RM30 in one receipt.

Since there's no prayer room in Bangsar Village, we decided to have dessert at Ms. Read's Delicious. Not that we didnt want to find other place to pray but it was raining cat and mouse outside which leaves us with no choice but to eat some more. This is our 2nd visit to Delicious which our first visit left us the impression that it is an overpriced restaurant. But that was breakfast. What would you expect from a shop that sells clothes to serve for breakfast? This time we had a Banana Pudding. Its actually a banana cake (yeah..the normal banana cake loaf) serve with vanilla ice-cream and some sort of custard toffee/caramel sauce. Presented on a rectangular saucer which is kind of cool. Wifey remarked that its the best way to end our adventurous food hunting day. The banana pudding was superbly delicious!!! Lets give it 11/10 this time but the RM10.24 bill deduct one point to become 10/10. What if I deduct two points, Ayil? What if I deduct three? (Haha ..stupid inside joke).

Hah!!! I finished the review... all three!!! For your info I'm not getting a single cent out of this reviews. The comments are sincere from my heart and if you feel that my review is overrated and you didnt have a good meal at those places, please dont hate me. Maybe I had a good time because I have a pregnant lady with me by my side... hence the extra special treatments.

Enjoy your meal peeps!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why So Long No Update One This Blog?

I had a few ideas on what to blog about these last few days such as:

1) How could I lend my 2nd wife to Farul and let him take it back to Perlis for New Year.
2) How did I spent my Christmas holidays.
3) Less than 80 days to go for me to become a father.
4) Review on the Cheaper By The Dozen 2, Wallace and Gormit and Baik Punya Cilok which wifey and I watched during the new year holidays at Sunway Pyramid. We even bought the tickets from the same salesgirl.
5) Memorable events in 2005.
6) And like most of you would expect, Year 2006 resolutions.. what to improve, what to stop, what to do, wish lists bla bla bla..

With so many ideas, why didn't I update this lame blog? You wont believe me if I say that I was busy these few days so I'll use my default reason.... I'M A LAZY...Dumb arseee. Masya Allah.. I should try to quit swearing. Not good for the baby!

I'll dedicate this entry to review on my everyday close friends (Tapai, Farul, Ayil & Ceng) and myself after 3 years of working. How are we doing after 3 years of living the "real" life where bills, loans, paycheck and credit cards play major functions in our daily activities. Well this review is purely based on how I see it and mostly fictional.

With no particular order, lets start with.... Ayil.

He's the most established and successful so far. Previously he bought a corner lot terrace house in Bukit Jalil built by the infamous developer in the country and the extraordinary part was.. he bought it by cash. No loans neither from the bank nor his parents. This is no small house far far away from the city you know!. Visit his review of the house here. To nourish his wealth he sold that house and bought a penthouse at Shang Villa, Kelana Jaya. He excels in work by winning multiple awards from the company and the parent company. As far as I know he does not have any credit card that cant be used due to over usage and etc. One word to describe all this.. berkat. Ayil is the only Haji among us all. His family frequently organize usrah sessions which I always find excuses not to join. And sometime I noticed that he does his work sincerely.

Next we move Ayil's best friend, Tapai. He's the only single gay....ermm guy among us. He lives with his parents, hence no utility bills to pay, no groceries shopping and etc. His father does not allow him to buy a house neither for him to stay nor for him to rent it out. He wanted to become a pilot so that he can date stewardess but his mother purposely hide his interview call up. So basically Tapai is not living in the "real" life yet.

Ceng in the other hand is a hybrid of Ayil and Tapai. Financially he's quite as impressive as Ayil but so far it's still unfair because Ceng and his wife are living with Ceng's family. He can brag with all his investment in unit trusts, share market and Wartel business but you aren't living yet until you move out from your parents' house my dear friend. By the way, we have to declare Ceng and Tapai are the sore losers in snooker for year 2005. Again Ayil is The Man in snooker! Plus point for Ceng is that he's giving monthly spending money to his wife as nafkah. None of the others in the gang can afford to do that. Duduk rumah parent boleh la... blah laa Ceng!

Well, Farul is an interesting character to review. He's the most senior in the sense that he lived the "real" life much much earlier than all of us. His parents live in Air Tawar, Perak, hence he cant live with his parents like Ceng!

Damn lah.... the problem with not blogging for quite sometime makes me lazy to continue... so why not you guys continue the entry for me in the comment section. Have a nice day...

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