Sunday, December 17, 2006


Everybody watched it, everybody blogged about it. So after 9 months of fating from watching movies at the cinema, we decided to break the fast at GSC Midvalley last Thursday by watching the movie Cinta. Wifey and I took the day off, sent Arianna to her Guardians and we are all set to break the fast. Actually Wifey had to seat for her last CCNP paper that morning, so the movie was our CCNP celebration, pun intended. (haha... terasa nak jadi Joey, guna je "pun intended" not knowing the right way of using it)

Well I'm not gonna review the movie as many of you might have seen it and blogged about it anyway. Being an opposite of "hopeless romantic" as shown in the movie, the most interesting scenes were the singer with the guitar at Central Market saying "Bayar, bayar,bayar!" and the scene at the setinggan where a guy chasing another guy while shouting "Aku bunuh kau! Aku bunuh kau!". Other than that, the movie made a lot of people in the cinema cried till they have to snort their own mucus back down to their throat.

As I am writing this, wifey is in Perlis on business matters. She's doing her future work in her future job. The new job requires her to travel a lot, speak English a lot and leaving me and Arianna during weekends a lot. So it has been two nights that I've been sleeping alone with Arianna without anybody's assistance except Acik Warni to prepare Arianna's milk once in the middle of the night and once more in the morning.

By the way my father, Arianna and I went to the Canon Warehouse Sale yesterday. Our interest was to look for a printer to replace the old HP930C and digital cameras. One for Rizal's next birthday and the other one is for wifey.. yeah her new job also requires her to capture lots of pictures. Well the crowd was huge and we can hardly see what is on sale. The organizer was stupid enough to organize the event in such way and in the end Daddy managed to grab a RM1 calculator and a RM88 IP1300 after lots of pushing and all.

The outcome of the IP1300 was superb compared to the old HP930C but I'm sure for the critical eyes like pros or non pros like Farul, the photo printing was nothing. But what is there to complaint, its a RM88 printer!

I just can't resist doing this:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Let's Get Serious

The trip to Kuantan really changed my life. I'm still trying to figure out whether it is the ikan bakar petai or the sata that changed my luck in finding jobs. I've been applying for new jobs for the past few months and right after the weekend that we went for our anniversary trip, I've got a few companies calling up for interviews.

The happiest moment is when last week I got two job offers in two days in a row! Too bad they are offering slight increment compared to my current salary. I had to turn down the offers.

Last Friday I went for another interview and I hope that I am gonna get good result out of it by the end of this week.

On our way back to KL from Kuantan, we dropped by at Mueya's place in Damansara to visit the new born Hannah Aisya (I hope I spelled it correctly Mueya).

What did I get for wifey for our anniversary? Nothing! Teruk kan???

What did wifey got for me? Nothing jugak! Hahaha..

Anyway it was wifey's plan to get me a complete set of a product shoot setup. The setup is something like the pictures below.

The most priceless item is the white box which is actually a laundry basket. Apa priceless nya laundry basket? Go ahead and try find it anywhere in Malaysia... i bet u cant find it!!

So sweet that wifey took the trouble to call the factory to find out about the item. It seems that they stopped producing the white colour ones. But they still have a few units of old stock left. Thanks wifey for the laundry basket!

So these are the result of the product shoot. Besides the laundry basket we purchased the IKEA dining table, IKEA lights, light bulbs and coloured papers (Gold and Silver).

Next, I need to get a decent PC to post process my photos. Then I'll be either rich by selling the photos or plain broke after spending all the money purchasing the gears.

p/s: Im going to Kuantan tomorrow for work but for sure Im gonna look for my good luck charm while Im there!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Di Kala Orang Lain Sibuk Bertugas..

Ada orang tu sempat lagi main game di bilik server.... isk isk isk!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Us

It's supposed to be the parents' holiday but somehow Arianna did manage to be in all the pictures.

The whole room was like a playground for her to practice her skills.

Try panjat almari.
Panjat katil.
Hoyeh!! Berjayaaaa
Well at least we got a stripper for our honeymoon/anniversary celebration!

Friday, November 24, 2006

November 2006

Inspired by SaifulNang in his entry at his fotopage, my November has been a very hectic one. Just recovered from a long fever. Still recovering from a liver infection and the recent Hari Raya Puasa celebration really made me have to work hard this month.

1st week : Outstation Sarawak
2nd week : Outstation Kedah & Terengganu
3rd week: Outstation Sabah

My routine would be out on Monday and I'll be back by Thursday morning if not Wednesday evening. Friday will be the day that I arrange stuffs for the following week.

Since its Raya month, there are few functions to attend and I usually dedicate my weekend for my lovely wife and daughter. After all I did all the hard work for their own benefits too. So it has been more than a month that I stopped playing snooker. Itchy hands, itchy hands!

Back to the inspiration by SN, I will be heading to Kuantan this weekend. Will be going tommorrow and be back on Monday. Apart from taking a break from all the busy-ness, this Monday will be my 2nd year anniversary! Last year we took a holiday to Penang and this year, we chose Kuantan as the spot to celebrate our love. This time there'll be Arianna around to join in the celebration. Hopefully next year Arianna can babysit her brother/sister when we celebrate our anniversary.

Lets make Arianna's bro/sis this weekend!! Haha..

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not So Fun Trip

I've only been away for 1 night from these 2 gals but this time I kind of miss them much more than usual.(Usually I can go outstation for weeks without even thinking of them...hehe) Somehow this trip keep on giving me bad news or bad dreams.

For example, last night I dreamt of my dream house in Ara Hill. In reality I got an exclusive invitation to become among the first buyer of that house. Unfortunately in my dream last night, the price of the house was RM1.1 million!!

This morning wifey called me and told me that she called NeoGeo to check out for the white laundry basket that we were searching for for the past few months. But the guy who answered the phone told wifey that the white color has been discontinued from production due to its sales performance.

The saddest news must be the one that Katrina D Dambul's child death. I have to KIV in this part cause I didn't really get the story when wifey told me about it. Anyway Al-Fatihah is in order for this news.

Lastly Im unhappy being an under achiever in my company. Im stuck with the same job for 4 years and now Im being compared with my other colleagues and obviously they are doing better than I am and their resumes are better looking than mine. Cemana nak tukar kerja dan beli rumah 1.1juta macam ni!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Now Every Gangster Can Fly

As I've blogged before that my flight was retimed to 10.55pm, actually it took off at 11.15pm. So in this post I would love to share with you all some Travelling Tips: Flying AirAsia.

1) Never check-in early. Take my flight for example. To catch the 9.20pm flight you must be there 45 minutes earlier which is 8.35pm. The plane took off at 11.15pm... imagine the time wasted at the airport. So next time you fly AirAsia make sure you arrive at the aiport just in time for them to close the airplane's doors and ask the cabin crew to arm and cross check all doors (including the emergency door).

2) Don't bother checking in your luggage into the cargo. Well this tip works perfectly with tip No.1. If you arrive at the airport "late", there's no time to check-in the bags. But no worries, in AirAsia you can bring practically everything inside the plane and store it in your overhead compartment. Nevermind if the bag is bigger than the compartment itself, there'll be somebody kind enough to "sumbat" your bag for you.

3) If it is the first time for you to fly AirAsia, be warned that the leg space is fairly smaller compared to the High Cost Carriers. So you might not be comfortable but please and I beg you for this, dont shake your legs vigorously as it will shake the plane and the person in front of you will be really pissed off.

4) If you are unfortunate enough to be the person seating in front of the "plane shaker", please be patient with him/her. He/she might be too excited flying with AirAsia for the first time. If you really can't tolerate, just tell him/her politely to stop it.Preferably start it with "Excuse me" or "Sorry". If he/she is too excited that he/she cant stop, just leave the seat that you are on and find other seat. Never ever "ask" that person to stop by saying, "Stop shaking my seat lah fucker!". Mind you that the person at your back might be flying AirAsia for the first time, but it won't be the first time he/she saying, "Fuck You!" back to you.

5) Exercise you rights as a consumer. If such commotions like No.4 and No.3 do happen during your flight, do exercise your rights to complaint. Start with the air crew (steward/stewardess) and if they do nothing, insist on speaking to the Captain. Eventhough its a cheap airline, that doesnt mean that they can just give us lousy service. I would surely complaint if Arianna was there flying with me. I dont want her to be exposed to those fucking swear words.

Hope you all get benefitted from the tips that I gave.

By the way, when my flight landed and as soon as the seat belt sign went off, the "Plane Shaker" and the "Fuck You" guy got up and started punching each other. It took a few other pasenggers to break it off while the stewardess was too busy ... counting profit they made selling Maggi Hot Cup Noodles which is by the way RM9 per cup.

Ape kejadahnya bergaduh dalam fligth oi?? Gila gengster low class abes. I'm sure Mafias like Tony Sopranos would never fly cheap airlines.

Enough talking about airline with stewardess wearing short skirts. Me need to sleep. Have a 7.15am flight to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow. This time I fly with stewardess with baju kebaya lah..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My flight back to KL tonite is scheduled to depart at 9:20p.m. At 4:37pm I received a SMS from AirAsia:

"Urgent! AirAsia flight AK6337 on 15Nov06 from Terengganu-KLIA(LCCT) is now retimed 10.55PM(2255hrs).For more info please call 60387754000/60386604343."

Damn It!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy 8 Months Old Arianna

Sorry I couldn't wish you happy 8 months birthday tomorrow since I'll be leaving to Terengganu very early in the morning. My "Now Everyone Can Fly" flight will be leaving LCCT at 7:05am and to be at LCCT 45 minutes before departure I need to leave home by before 5:00am. Hopefully you are not up yet by then since it'll surely disturb Ibu's sleep :)

See you tomorrow night! Take care..

Walk-Walk Find Eat Penang

Today I took a short drive to Sg. Petani to do some work that I usually do. After driving 400km from home starting from 7 o'clock in the morning and spent 2 hours interacting with the customer (since my work only took less than 10 minutes to complete), I get a little bit hungry. So I contacted Din, my old friend from military school and asked him to hang out with me.

So the day with him started with lunch at Restoran Sri Machang located at Machang Bubok. According to Din, the restaurant serves the best mee udang in the whole Penang region. How to get there? Take a drive heading towards Kulim using the old road, as you reach a traffic light with a signboard showing the direction of Machang Bubok to the right, take right. Duh!! The restaurant is located at on the right of the road, a few meters from the traffic light and to be more specific, its opposite of SK Machang. I had Mee Udang, Mee Goreng Special (Special = Daging Sup on top), Nescafe O Ice and Teh Tarik. The food was superb! It was worth the 400km plus drive. Hehe.

In the evening we hung out at Din's house a.k.a free accomodation for me! Its a 5 star hotel for me and the best part is, free Wi-Fi! Haha... RM99 saved!

For dinner, Din took me to dine at his most favourite Nasi Kandar restaurant. The name of the place is Restoran Nasi Kandar Tajuddin Hussain. Located at Queens Road and according to Din, the restaurant still use rolled spices or rempah giling in their cooking. So this could be the most authentic Nasi Kandar available in Penang. How to get there? 1) Get a cab and ask the driver to take you to the place. 2) Buy a map and find Queens Road. 3) Ask Din to drive you there. How's the food? I love Nasi Kandar! This is the first time for me to taste pure nasi kandar and to me it tasted the way I expected it to taste. There no like and dislike for me in nasi kandar, I treat pure nasi kandar and modernized nasi kandar differently. If there's one plate of Nasi Kandar Tajuddin Hussain and one plate of Nasi Kandar Zainol in front of me at the same particular point of time, I'll eat them both! Haha..

Last place worth mentioning in this entry is Bt. Feringghi Pirated DVD Market. How to get there? Just follow the signboard to Bt. Feringghi. What is interesting there? Cheap pirated DVD.... as cheap as RM4 per piece. I did spend RM92 there buying complete Season 3 to Season 6 of The Sopranos and a few more movies. Imagine buying the 4 seasons of The Sopranos in KL... it'll cost at least RM160!

So did I earn or lose in this trip?

Fuel: 1 full tank = -RM70
KM: 430km X RM0.55 = +RM236.50
Toll: What I spend is what I claim = RM0
Accomodation: Din's Hotel Free ++ = +RM90
Dobi Allowance: Tade kerja nak hantar baju gi dobi = +9
Meal allowances: = +25
Lunch: =-15
Dinner: Din belanja = RM0
DVD: = -92

So total gain = +RM183.50!

So I made that much by driving for about 4 hours, get my hands dirty for 15 minutes, talk cock for about 1 hour and a half and the rest of the day enjoying good food, free accomodation with free internet and in the end I bring back DVDs for wifey as sourvenirs.

How much cooler can my job be huh? And did I mention that I'll drive back for another 4 hours tomorrow morning to get back home, make another RM236.50 - RM70 + RM25 = RM191.50 and by noon, I'll be in bed sleeping with Arianna?!

Next trip: Kuala Terengganu on Wednesday.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Celebrity Blog

The foods were excellent! Wifey didn't like the lasagna because according to her it has a lamb taste. Well no complaints from me about that! I wouldn't blog much about last night's event - let Esah update her tropicalpenguins once in a while.

A few weeks back, I found a blog of a celebrity fitness freak nutrionist. I first noticed him at Akademi Fantasia 4. This is his link: My main point of telling you all this is that, when you visit the blog do pay attention to the Title. Somehow my title is not that lame huh?

And when wifey mentioned that the lasagna tasted like lamb, I had the idea to make Lamb Lasagna Aqiqah Party for Arianna's brother/sister.... when is that, we'll have to ask Arianna lah!

Next menu: Lasagna Lidah Kambing bersama Mata Kambing Tersorok di Celah-Celah Kepingan Lasagna.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

TM Raya Celebration With Customer

I went to that event just now as a customer. Ate 5 sticks of satay, 1 and half bowl of mee rebus, 1 slice of lemang, 1 piece of ketupat and 2 cups of San Francisco's Latte. So not worth it, the food sucks!

Well, tonite Ayil is organizing a Raya Open House. To recap how he did it last year, lets have a look at the pictures below. By the way, I've uploaded these pictures before at my fotopage. It is linked here.

So why am I uploading them again? Suka hati aku la.. aku punya blog!

I just can remember the name of the person who looked like a bangla.

The chubby wifey. The person inside her that time will be coming again this year in person. So Ayil, please prepare more food this time.

Alyya couldn't walk yet at that point of time.

The host and hostess. If I'm not mistaken, Esah was watching The Amazing Race.

And the Bangla did complaint on his distorted face in this picture.

This year I heard that Ayil invited a few more people compared to last year. Maybe last year the house was a bit smaller than this year. Maybe the paycheque is a bit bigger this year that he can prepare more food or maybe he wanted more people to come so that we would give Marisa more Duit Raya and he'll use it for his own use.

Anyway I'm expecting better food compared to the one served at the TM Open House!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank You - You're Far Too Kind

Last Sunday my parents held a Hari Raya Open House. Wifey and I took the opportunity to invite a few of our friends and collegues.

This was the cake that Wifey plan to prepare for the occasion. Since this is the first attempt to steam (it wasnt baked) the cake, she did 2 sets of practice product.

The name of the cake is Haw Flakes Layer Cake. In Malay we call it Kek Lapis Haw Flakes. Nama ini bersempena dengan makanan ringan zaman kanak-kanak, Haw Flakes yang masih lagi berharga 10sen se paket.

As you can see, each layer is a bit thick compared to the normal commercial layer cake. It tasted like the normal layer cake (if not better.. hehe kiss ass!), so I have no complaints to the outcome.

So in the end Wifey decided not to make Haw Flakes Layer cake, instead she made 2 trays of Agar-agar Oreos, 2 trays of Coffee Cake with Fruit Cocktail and 2 trays of Marble Pudding. Total = 6 trays! and she made it in one evening!! Imagine how tiring it was for her. I just can imagine lah. But I had my share of tiredness searching of the right type of agar-agar for wifeys desserts.

So that Sunday morning, everybody were excited to celebrate Raya with everybody especially Arianna who wore her dress made by her Opah. Look how excited she is in the picture.

Yes! Yes! Hari ni dapat banyak duit Raya.

Well the attendance of my friends was quite good. Not as many as the previous years, maybe due to the "no durian" menu that my parents decided on this year. But I don't really mind. As long as the usuals do come, I'm happy enough. When I mention usuals, they are Ayil, Esah, Marisa, Farul, Jue, Alyya, Cipok, Zaki & Vendor and a few others that couldnt make it but had the courtesy to call/SMS me to say sorry that they couldnt make it. I used to include Ceng as my usuals, but since this open house I would rather include people like Syaz or Dib in my usual list. Ive been in contact with Tapai much more often than with this guy since.... since I WAS ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL (btw the hospital is much nearer to Shah Alam compared to "the" hospital in Ampang!). No amount of pizza could make up for that since my liver was impaired and I cant eat pizza anymore. Collegues from office were as expected, the usuals plus the a few new faces. Some TKC friends did show up, Bas (all the way from Melaka), Fa'era (sorry if I spelled the name wrongly), Ecah and Dick (or is it Dig? either way it doesnt mean nice huh?).

Thanks you all for coming!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kingwood Inn Kuching

Just came back from a three days business trip to Kuching. I went there with two other collegues and they decided to stay just for two days and left me alone to complete the remaining job. For the two of you, I'll be reporting this to your respective bosses and the Finance division so that they'll slash off your travelling claims accordingly.

We stayed at Kingwood Inn which is located near Kuching Park. More reviews about the hotel can be found here.

My brief comment is that the room is very spacious. Shower is strong and hot. Price of the room that we stayed was RM138 - corporate rate. We get 2 Queen size beds with that price.

The downside is that this hotel is quite far from town. The first night we stayed there, we walked about 3km to find a restaurant for us to have dinner..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Full of "F" Words Post

I'm so pissed off with the work culture at my workplace the other day. So I'm gonna use a lot of vulgar words in this entry. For expecting mothers or underage kids, please refrain yourselves from reading this post.

Since this post is about my company, I'll have to rename just about everything so that ......... I dun care actually what could happen to me for saying bad things about my company. Renaming everything is just for the fun of it.

So lets rename the characters in this scenario. Since the company claim that they employ 100% Bumiputera staffs, so lets rename everybody with English names.

Me = Rumet
The Stupid Fucker That Im Pissed Off With = Calvin (for Calvin and Hobbes)
My Boss = Tony Roma (for the famous restaurant)
The Stupid Fucker's subordinate = Hobbes

Lets call the department we are in "Dept Yg Paling Byk Re-Org". The name of the team that the fucker works in will be named "Team Paling Berkira Kerja". And "Team Paling Berkira Kerja"'s job scope is to "Tukar Equipment dan Pasang AVR Sahaja".

So this is the e-mail that I sent to ask for assistance from Team Paling Berkira Kerja. (Actually I tried to call him first, but he was too "busy" fucking Hobbes that he didn't answer.)

" En. Calvin,

Minta jasa baik Team Paling Berkira Kerja untuk memasang router Projek Susah Gila untuk site di atas. Details adalah seperti berikut:

Site X

Address Y,
State Z.

Contact: Miss Hot Babe (019-8xxxxxx)

Untuk makluman En. Calvin, site di atas masih belum berpindah dari tempat
lama iaitu di Wisma Coklat Ding Dang.
Oleh itu minta En. Calvin pasang router baru dahulu di tempat baru supaya
tidak mengganggu penggunaan sistem di bangunan lama.
Juga ingin saya maklumkan supaya membuat appoinment dengan Miss Hot Babe sebelum ke site supaya beliau boleh standby di sana.

Sebarang pertanyaan boleh hubungi saya di 013-3xxxxxx.

UAT dilampirkan.

Harap "

The e-mail was sent at 3:11pm. I didn't receive any reply till I went back home and at around 6.30pm my boss, Tony Roma called me to express his anger towards Calvin's reply. As I arrived home, I immediately boot up my notebook to read his reply.

" Dear Rumet,

We would appreciate if your team could provide a new PRE-CONFIGURED router
for the specified site below. FYI we are quite reluctant to supply the
router from our regional stock as our stock are quite limited and our
priority are towards
TUKAR EQUIPMENT DAN PASANG AVR SAHAJA for any Projek Susah Gila sites which are down. Please understand this.

Also please take into consideration that we are here to do the
TUKAR EQUIPMENT DAN PASANG AVR SAHAJA for any sites which are down and only assisting you in your supposedly assigned job.

Please provide more details on the installation site such as:

Old DQ: ?
Old Speed: ?
Old DLCI Local: ?
Old DLCI remote: ?

New DQ: ?
New Speed: ?
New DLCI Local: ?
New DLCI Remote: ?

Please liaise with En. Hobbes for this relocation issue.


Calvin "

I was so furious that I sms Tony Roma, "Macam sial je Calvin ni, siap bold lagi kerja die tu! Kita pasang sendiri je lah site ni. Kalu boss confirm aku nak je balas e-mail dia ni.Bikin hati gua panas la ni!!"

But then Tony Roma replied, "Relax relax dulu.. aku pon panas jugak baca e-mail die tu."

Being an ass-kisser myself, I respected my boss's reply and take it as a "Dun e-mail him yet".

If Tony Roma gave me the green light to reply that e-mail, this should be it.

" Dear Calvin,

Thank you for your prompt response to our request for assistance. It wouldn't be a problem to us to courier you a PRE-CONFIGURED router for this particular site. But bare in mind that it would take a few days for the router to arrive at your place. Since the configurations for this Projek Susah Gila site is quite straight forward, I hope you wouldn't mind using your regional stock router for the time being, meanwhile we will send you a replacement router for your precious stock. After all, my team will be getting the replacement router from the same department as you do too. If you are unaware of our current Org. Chart, we are all under the same Dept. Yg Paling Banyak Re-Org. Unless your team is incompetent of configuring the router for this Projek Susah Gila, I would be glad to courier the PRE-CONFIGURED router to you. I understand that TUKAR EQUIPMENT DAN PASANG AVR SAHAJA is very different than this task.

As for the information that you've requested, most of the info were given in the UAT form attached to my previous e-mail. Unless you do not know how to extract the attachment from the e-mail, please check the e-mail again. The other information requested is not related to this task. Basically you are asking for useless information from me. I know this assistance that we required from your team is a bit different from your usual TUKAR EQUIPMENT DAN PASANG AVR SAHAJA exercise, trust me, all the info that I've given is enough for you to assist us.

After discussing with my boss, we think that our request for assistance looks like a burden to your team. Obviously Team Paling Berkira Kerja is very busy with TUKAR EQUIPMENT DAN PASANG AVR SAHAJA and we wouldn't want our request for help to effect your team's performance. With that my team will be attending this site on our own as that is our supposedly assigned job. Eventhough by that we'll be spending a lot of money on flight tickets, lodgings and not mentioning time wasted to attend to one single site, its a money well spent rather than getting this kind of response from your team.

With that I would like to apologize for all the inconvinient caused. TQ. "

Friday, November 03, 2006

Comment this picture

I promised to upload photos on our trip to The Loaf Langkawi (Dr.M's bakery) before but after browsing my Picasa, I've no descriptive pictures of the place. All we shot were pictures of the 3 of us enjoying the expensive breads. Anyway we really recommend you all to visit that place no matter how pissed off you are towards the owner due to recent comments he made. They serve really unique variety of breads, buns, cakes etc etc. The ingredients they use are imported from Japan as the original The Loaf is in Japan, hence justifying the expensiveness of the breads.

The other reason that might add up to justify why they accept credit cards at that place is that they hire foreigners as their staffs. We had a chat with the Indonesian baker and we realized that among the waitresses and bakers, they speak a different languange than we usually use. Wifey wasn't happy about that - like there's no more unemployed Malaysian left in Langkawi.

So to add up another thousand words to this entry, here's a picture taken at The Loaf. Don't be shy to comment okay?

My comments:

1) The wrist watch is the main subject. Maybe this is a Seiko endorsement photo shoot out.
2) Among the few pictures that wasn't focused on Arianna.
3) This picture shows that Ayah and Ibu didn't do a good job as parents. We haven't taught Arianna not to mingle with strangers. Especially fat strangers!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Seven and Half Months

It's official that Arianna is able to crawl now. It was confirmed last Sunday by her beloved Ibu and Ayah. So that evening we took her to Opah's house demonstrate her latest talent. As usual she won't show her talents when there's spectators around. But according to Opah, during their trip to Nenek's house she was happy enough to wander around the living room crawling. Its sad that I couldnt record her action on video. Damn this FotoFlash. Its almost 5 months that my videocam is being "serviced" by them.

Its not easy guard her nowadays. Once we found her with her feet stucked under the sofa. Well last two nights, she made her second attempt to get out of the bed on her own where she failed badly. She cried so loudly that she almost woke up the whole apartment that night. Her Acik Warni said, once a baby falls down the bed there'll be another 6 more falls to complete the lucky number 7.

As you can see in the pictures below, we are trying our best to "kepung" our active daughter.

So these are some pictures taken at our home.

This picture is cute huh? Taken at Nenek's home during our Raya visit.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Travel Langkawi - Cable Car Ride

I like this new Blogger Beta thingy. It uploads pictures much faster compared to the previous blogger. The other cool features is that it allows us to tag or label our posts. As you can see on my link Labels, I've categorized my posts accordingly. So if some of you wouldn't want to read all my posts and specifically wanna read about Arianna, then click on label Arianna.

So as promised, these are the pictures on our previous trip to the Cable Car Langkawi.

Gila curam oi!!

Relax je dua orang minah ni. Siap senget kepala lagi!!

The better shot compared to the last post.

Again they are not bothered by the steepness of the ride.

Ni on the way up. Yang tadi on the way down.

Arianna boleh la happy. Ayah die yang pancit dukung die!!!

Family photo taken by a chinese boy who owns a Olympus E-300.

Happy nyeee!!

Tengok Ayah punya peluh!

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